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First American Home Warranty

First American Home Warranty is a subsidiary of the reputed 125-year-old First American FinCorp. The company was established in 1964. They bring 35 years of experience in helping consumers save money on unexpected breakdowns of systems and appliances. 

Home warranty plans are service contracts that cover the cost of repairs and replacements of conked out home systems and appliances. A home warranty plan bridges the gap left by a homeowner’s insurance plan. First American Home Warranty has helped their customers save over $180 million in repairs and replacements in 2018 alone

The First American Home Warranty coverage lasts for a year. They have a network of pre-screened trained service professionals they dispatch, saving you the trouble of searching for and vetting repair technicians.

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Why Choose First American Home Warranty?

A/C breaks down in the dead of summer night? You can call the First American Home Warranty customer service 24/7/365 to lodge your complaint and schedule a service visit. There are no limits on the number of service visits you can claim. You can get coverage up to $3500 per kitchen appliance.

First American has two home warranty plans. 

A Basic Plan customer gets you coverage on clothes washer & dryer, ovens, trash compactor smoke detectors, etc., which are not normally covered. You can get a risk-free, money-back guarantee for 30 days after your policy has kicked into effect.Customers can take a First American Home Warranty First Class Upgrade. The company pays for the use of cranes, hauling away, correction of code violations, refrigerant disposal, etc. 

if you have a Premier Plan. You can also opt for their discounted two year plans to save more money. The plans include pre-season HVAC system tune-ups.

Why Choose First American Home Warranty?

First American Home Warranty Plans

A FirstAm Home Warranty basic plan covers the crucial systems and appliances. You can get coverage for unknown conditions including rust, corrosion, sediment, and problems resulting from lack of maintenance.

Basic Plan

  •  Plumbing
  •  Plumbing Stoppage
  •  Electrical system
  •  Central Vacuum System
  •  Attic and Exhaust Fans
  •  Water Heater
  •  Garbage Disposal
  •  Instant Hot Water Dispenser
  •  Ceiling Fans
  •  Trash Compactor
  •  Built in Microwave
  •  Oven/Range/Cooktop
  •  Dishwasher

Premier Plan (Additional Plan)

  •  All components of Basic plan
  •  Ductwork
  •  Rekey Service

Optional Coverage

  •  Central A/C
  •  Pool/Spa equipment
  •  Ornamental fountain
  •  Clothes Washer And Dryer
  •  Outdoor Kitchen
  • Kitchen Refrigerator
  •  Septic Tank Pumping/System
  •  Water Softener And Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System
  •  Well Pump
  •  Smart Home Devices
  •  Septic Tank Pumping/System
  • Sewage Ejector Pump
  •  HVAC Tune Up
  •  Roof Leak Repair

Disclaimer : Please note that these are the terms of a typical Home Warranty contract and that the terms of coverage of your contract may differ from what's mentioned on this page

Final Word

Plans from First American Home Warranty are highly customizable at very competitive prices and service call fee. It offers among the widest range of optional coverages one can find. Opting for a two-year payment plan can further result in significant cost savings. The company also has good options for real estate professionals. Homes with warranties sell faster than homes without.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Home Warranties provide for the repairs and replacements of home systems and appliances breaking down due to normal wear and tear. Home Insurance on the other hand is meant for interior or exterior damage, loss or damage to personal assets, and injury caused on the property. It is homeowners insurance which covers against disasters like hurricanes. Both require the purchaser of the policy to pay a deductible, which is much lower for home warranties. The two are complementary products and not interchangeable. Home Insurance is required by lenders who take home mortgages. A home warranty is optional but very useful to hedge against out-of-pocket expenses.

The prices of the plans vary slightly from one state to the next. First American Home Warranty's Basic Plan for a single-family home comes with a deductible $75 service fee and a premium of $430 in Texas. A First American Home Warranty plan can cost as little as $28 a month.

Plumbing Plus is an upgrade offered on First American Home Warranty Plans, especially in California. The company expands the coverage limit of the items as indicated below: $250 to install a ground level cleanout. $250 to clear stoppages caused by roots. $2500 to diagnose, and for repair or replacement of leaks in water, drain, and gas lines located in or below a concrete slab or encased in or concrete. $1000 for external pipe leaks They also cover water heater expansion tanks.

It is one of First American’s concierge service to help you move homes by handling the tasks like hiring home improvement professionals and TV mounting, cleaning gutters, furniture assembly, fixture installation, and dryer vent cleaning. You can also get them to change your utilities provider, your home address and TV/internet connection. You get $100 in terms of 4 coupons of $25 to get handyman services.

The pest control program from FAHW includes Mice Pillbugs Earwigs Spiders Roaches Crickets Silverfish Centipedes Sowbugs Millipedes Clover mites Ground beetles Ants For more elaborate and extensive pest control of termites, bees, etc., consider exclusive pest control services.

You can call First American to cancel your home warranty or email them. You may be provided with a prorated refund.


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