Finance Planning Got Smarter

Planning your finances is now simple and effective with our easy-to-use financial tools. Our catalog of tools caters to your various decision-making requirements, such as acquiring loans, making large purchases and investments, etc. You can now ensure to be prepared to make any financial decisions with ease.


Investment Calculator

Find out how your investment may pan out with our easy-to-use investment calculator. Our calculator is a one-stop tool to evaluate all types of investments, like stocks, bonds, etc., that might affect the growth of your portfolio.


EMI Calculator

Exploring the interest rate and principal payment for your desired tenure is now simple with our convenient EMI tool. Our calculator is designed to help you with loans of all shapes and sizes, such as mortgage loans, auto loans, student loans, etc.


Solar Savings Calculator

Installing solar panels at home is a significant financial investment that requires planning. Our solar calculator is designed to help you in this process. Find out the ROI and how much you can save with solar panels compared to conventional sources.

Sales Tax Calculator

Sales Tax Calculator

Calculating the amount after sales made much easier with Consumera’s sales tax calculator. Our calculator is a one-stop shop for all the business owners to get the after sales price according to the area of service.

Solar Loan Calculator

Solar Loan Calculator

Determining the monthly plans and total interest towards your solar loan can be tricky and difficult. Under this circumstance, our solar loan calculator will ease things for you and help in the easy estimation of your future finances!

Credit Card Payoff Calculator

Credit Card Payoff Calculator

Manage and eliminate credit card debt effectively with our user-friendly Credit Card Payoff Calculator. Discover personalized repayment strategies to become debt-free faster and save on interest. Start your path to financial well-being now.