About Us

Consumera is the next stage in the evolution of consumer research portals. We curate honest reviews, the latest legit information about all the necessities of the perfect American Life, and most significantly, we strive to bring you the best offers exclusive to our platform. We get you free quotes from the industry leaders in every segment we operate.

Consumera aims to become a community of consumers helping each other in choosing the right products and warning each other when purchase experiences go sour. You get to compare offerings from top companies and use our tools to plan out your perfect life.

Our mission is to provide a one-stop destination for consumers looking to build comfortable lives. We want you to get the best possible products and services at the most optimal prices. By gathering the largest number of reviews, we aim to promote customer centricity in a money-minded world.

We envision shaping Consumera into one of the largest and most reliable consumer research platforms. Consumera is poised to become an all-in-one database covering every possible category that makes our most important purchases. The only place you would need to check out to discover which product is worth the money.

Our Story

By this point in time, we have all shopped online, bought products from salespersons, off home shopping channels, etc. and left reviews for all these products on various sites. The main problem with most such websites is that you don’t know how authentic these reviews are. Sometimes, they are very obviously fake, and at other times you suspect a bot wrote them.

Now with small purchases, your wallet doesn’t take a big hit, but the bigger ones, however, may involve more risk. How do you buy something like home warranty, pest control services, or car warranties (for instance) without a good platform of extensive research into the experiences of fellow users?

We have gone through this as well in our 15 years of experience with curating customer experiences and data-rich insights. And that’s why we created Consumera. We are building a complete solution for your home protection needs. Know how much you should pay for something, whether it is worth your money, and get amazing deals on life’s most important purchases.

How We Work

We firmly believe that there can never be enough information that benefits consumers. There are numerous review sites and comparison sites in the market. Still, the recurring issue faced by the customers is that of finding legitimate research information that helps them in their purchase decision. This is where we step in.

Our team has editors, data analysts, company-points-of-contact, and fact-checkers to ensure the highest quality of information. Our moderators add a layer of scrutiny above the automated review-verification algorithms that screen submissions.

Our reviews are verified to be from users who have purchased what they are reviewing. We do our research into the companies that list themselves with us as well as the apparent market leaders. We regularly update you with the happenings in these industries.

We also create blogs to help you navigate some common queries and problems you may have in maintaining your home and life. Hours are spent researching how best to protect you and in developing tools that add value to your life.

What You Get From Us

When reviews are submitted to our website, we first verify whether the user is an actual buyer of the product or if they have been authorized to review by the actual user. Thus, you can be assured that everything you see here is a real experience. This will help you make informed decisions when your safety is on the line.

As companies are incentivized to care for customers through impartial, third-party websites like ours, we are able to source the most optimum quotes from them to offer to our consumers. It all comes at no cost to you.

How You Can Help Us

When we grow as a site, it helps you gain access to valuable information resources. The bigger we get, the more we can prompt the big corporates to take cognizance of our interest as consumers, as one big family. By amplifying your voice through our platform, Consumera seeks to hold the various sectors accountable to serve consumer interests. Your contribution is what helps build our platform.