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List of 2024's Best Home Warranty Companies

Listed below are our highly vetted and curated list of the best home warranty companies in the market.


Elite Home Warranty

  • 90-day Workmanship warranty
  • Offers no contracts, allowing cancellation anytime
  • Offers 24/7 US Based Live Claims Concierge

Premium - $44.99- $59.99

Deductible - $0 & $70

Add-ons Price Range - $69.99 - $349.99


Offer - $150 Off + First Month Free

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Premium $44.99- $59.99

Deductible $0 & $70

Add-ons Price Range $69.99 - $349.99

Why We Picked It?

Elite Home Warranty, a top provider, offers extensive coverage with add-on options and a 90-day workmanship guarantee. With an A+ rating from the BBB and overwhelmingly positive reviews, Elite Home Warranty demonstrates a strong commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction.

prosPros :

  • Elite Home Warranty is accredited by the BBB and holds an A+ rating
  • The company offers 24/7 US Based Live Claims Concierge
  • EHW offers no contracts, allowing cancellation anytime

prosCons :

  • Services not available in Texas, California, Wisconsin, and Washington

American Home Shield

  • Covers unknown pre-existing conditions
  • Offers unlimited coverage for systems
  • Serves over 2 million homeowners

Premium - $39-$60

Deductible - $75-$150

Add-ons Price Range - $5-$25


Offer - Appliance Discount Program. $50 off on multiple properties. $25 off for referrals

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Premium $39-$60

Deductible $75-$150

Add-ons Price Range $5-$25

Why We Picked It?

With over 50 years of experience backing this giant, American Home Shield (AHS) makes an appearance in many top home warranty lists. Over the past decade, the company has paid over $2 billion in claim settlements. Additionally, AHS’s policy to offer coverage for appliances with pre-existing issues make this a popular choice among customers.

prosPros :

  • Offers generous coverage caps
  • Provides a choice of multiple deductibles
  • Has a contractor network of over 17000

prosCons :

  • Does not offer services in Alaska
  • Charges higher monthly cost on a lower deductible

Choice Home Warranty

  • Provides 90-day parts guarantee
  • Serves 1.6+ million customers
  • Has over for 14+ years of experience

Premium - $40-$65

Deductible - $85

Add-ons Price Range - $5-$20


Offer - 1st month free. Free roof coverage

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Premium $40-$65

Deductible $85

Add-ons Price Range $5-$20

Why We Picked It?

Choice Home Warranty (CHW) is a prominent player with a nationwide network of 25,000 contractors and over 4.5 million service requests handled in all. Their 24/7 customer service is available to process claims for any of the 1.5 million homes they cover.

prosPros :

  • Offers free roof leak coverage
  • Provides 30-day labor guarantee
  • Coverage without extra fee for houses up to 5000 sq. ft.
  • Free cancelation up to 30 days

prosCons :

  • Low aggregate limit for the contract
  • Limited number of plans
  • No choice of contractor

ServicePlus Home Warranty

  • Offers plans at $2/day
  • Provides 90-day service guarantee
  • Offers great discounts on annual payments

Premium - $40-$60

Deductible - $75

Add-ons Price Range - $2-$10


Offer - Free coverage for two months. Free roof coverage. $200 off

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Premium $40-$60

Deductible $75

Add-ons Price Range $2-$10

Why We Picked It?

ServicePlus offers economic plans without compromising on their coverage. Both their plans comprise most of the appliances and systems in a standard home. Additionally, they also offer 24/7 customer service. According to their reviews, the company’s representatives effectively address their queries. 

prosPros :

  • Low deductible/trade service fee
  • Free coverage for two months for single-payment plans
  • 90-day guarantee on parts
  • Affordable plan pricing

prosCons :

  • No nationwide coverage
  • Complaints about claim denial

Select Home Warranty

  • Charges lower deductibles
  • Offers a wide range of coverage
  • Responses within a day on claims

Premium - $45-$50

Deductible - $60-$100

Add-ons Price Range - $3-$10


Offer - Free roof coverage. $150 off. 2 extra months free

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Premium $45-$50

Deductible $60-$100

Add-ons Price Range $3-$10

Why We Picked It?

Select Home Warranty has been among the consistent performers in the industry for many years. The customers have positively received the company’s affordable plans and customer-friendly services. Select also offers free roof coverage to make their plans more holistic.

prosPros :

  • 30-day free trial
  • Extensive contractor network
  • Same day response on claims
  • Discounts and offers on multi-year plans

prosCons :

  • Low coverage caps initially
  • No payment for access

Liberty Home Guard

  • Offers 43 add-ons items
  • Provides coverage without maintenance records
  • Has a live-chat option

Premium - $55-$60

Deductible - $60

Add-ons Price Range - $5-$30


Offer - $200 off. Free roof leakage coverage. 2 free months. Free gift on purchase

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Premium $55-$60

Deductible $60

Add-ons Price Range $5-$30

Why We Picked It?

Liberty Home Guard is a new entrant in the home warranty sector. However, they have quickly made a mark to be rated among the top home warranty companies. They have received positive feedback from reviewers on BBB, praising their customer service and comprehensive coverage at affordable pricing.

prosPros :

  • Strong and vetted technician network
  • Extensive add-on coverage options
  • No mandatory home inspection

prosCons :

  • No nationwide coverage
  • New player/ low experience
  • High prices compared to industry standards

First American Home Warranty

  • Has paid over $219 million in claims
  • Offers repairs to improper installation
  • Serves over 625k nationwide customers

Premium - $30-$50

Deductible - $85

Add-ons Price Range - $2-$20


Offer - Discounted 2-year plans. Military discount. Special trial offer with Filterjoy. Free coupons for handyman and moving services

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Premium $30-$50

Deductible $85

Add-ons Price Range $2-$20

Why We Picked It?

One of the industry pioneers, First American Home Warranty (FAHW) offers two home protection plans with different coverage options. Their add-on range is as per industry standards. The company’s First Class Upgrade deserves special mention as it increases the coverage limits of the standard plans.

prosPros :

  • Unlimited service calls
  • Upgradable coverage
  • Two-year plans

prosCons :

  • Does not serve in 14 states
  • No systems-only plan

Cinch Home Services

  • Has a nationwide network of 18,000 contractors
  • Serves over 1 million customers
  • Offers a free water sensor

Premium - $35-$70

Deductible - $75-$150

Add-ons Price Range - $2-$15


Offer - Discounts on new appliances. Free water sensor. $25 credit for AC/Refrigerator filters

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Premium $35-$70

Deductible $75-$150

Add-ons Price Range $2-$15

Why We Picked It?

Cinch Home Servies has over 40 years of experience in the industry, serving over 1 million customers along the way. They are known for offering comprehensive and affordable plans, with various cash benefits such as a $25 credit for A/C filters and a discount on upgrading branded appliances

prosPros :

  • 180-day workmanship guarantee
  • Digital dashboard to track claims
  • Individual and combo plans available

prosCons :

  • Limited range of add-ons
  • Lesser coverage caps than average

America's Preferred Home Warranty

  • Provides optional coverage for termite control
  • Offers extended pipe & roof coverage
  • Provides option to choose service fee

Premium - $35-$50

Deductible - $50-$125

Add-ons Price Range - $5-$30


Offer - Deals from over 250 brands/retailers and other loyalty benefits

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Premium $35-$50

Deductible $50-$125

Add-ons Price Range $5-$30

Why We Picked It?

America’s Preferred Home Warranty offerings are limited in terms of variety. They have standard coverage for major appliances and systems and an option ‘Preferred Upgrade’ to increase the coverage and dollar limits.

They offer multiple deductible options that you can use to adjust your pricing, and their contractual dollar limit is one of the highest in the business. APHW’s customer base also seems highly satisfied with their services judging by their positive reviews.

prosPros :

  • Covers commercial-like or ultra-premium appliances
  • Allows you to hire a licensed contractor
  • Offers roof-leak coverage

prosCons :

  • Lack of transparency in pricing and coverage exclusions

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty

  • Covered over 6 million American Homes
  • Carries 40+ years of industry experience
  • Has paid over 97.5% of claims

Premium - $20-$70

Deductible - $85

Add-ons Price Range - $3-$30


Offer - $50 gift card for referral. Appliance discount program. Appliance replacement offer

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Premium $20-$70

Deductible $85

Add-ons Price Range $3-$30

Why We Picked It?

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty has been around since 1983 and offers three standard plans of varying coverage levels. They have offered services for over six million homes and have paid more than $500 million in claims.

prosPros :

  • Service fee reimbursement guarantee
  • Coverage upgrades
  • Flexible payment plans

prosCons :

  • Low dollar limits for standard plans

HomeServe USA

  • Plans starting at $7.99/ month
  • Offers 1 year repair guarantee on most plans
  • Serves over 4.8 million U.S. homeowners

Premium - $30-$70

Deductible - $75-$100

Add-ons Price Range - $9-$25


Offer - $50 off for first-time buyers. Discounts at checkout

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Premium $30-$70

Deductible $75-$100

Add-ons Price Range $9-$25

Why We Picked It?

HomeServe USA offers numerous coverage options – service lines, exclusive plans for plumbing, HVAC, electrical lines, and comprehensive packages that include major appliances and systems.

prosPros :

  • Wide variety of protection plans and add-ons
  • Customizable coverage
  • Restoration to areas disturbed by covered repairs
  • Longer than standard service guarantees

prosCons :

  • Non-transferable plans
  • No coverage for mobile homes
  • No coverage for homes larger than 5,000 sq. ft.

Comparing the Top 10 Home Warranty Companies at a Glance

Company Name
BBB Rating
Cost Range
Aggregate Limit
American Home Shield B $40-$60 $75-150 Upto $6000 and more**
Choice Home Warranty B $40-$65 $85 Upto $3000 per item
ServicePlus Home Warranty NR* $40-$60 $75 Upto $1500 per item
Select Home Warranty B $35-$60 $60-$100 $2000
Liberty Home Guard A $55-$60 $60 $1600
First American Home Warranty B $30-$50 $85 $2500
Cinch Home Services B $35-$70 $75-$150 $1000-$2000
America’s Preferred Home Warranty A+ $35-$50 $50-$125 $25k per contract
2-10 Home Buyers Warranty B $19-$60 $65-$100 $25k per contract
HomeServe USA NR* $20-$55 $100 $10k per contract/term

*NR or no rating - The company in questions doesn’t have adequate information to be given a proper rating.

**The coverage limit may be higher in some cases.

How We Picked The Top Companies

How We Picked The Top Companies

The home warranty market is saturated with lots of options that claim stellar service and generous coverage, making it hard to figure out the veracity of the same. However, with scammy and substandard companies rising the ranks with overt advertisements, it’s best to distinguish between the honest and the hype. This list is an attempt at just that.

To maintain transparency and for you to take notes, here’s how our methodology works. We consider the following factors while choosing the top home warranty companies -

How We Picked The Top Companies
Company Credibility

Company CredibilityCompany Credibility

We check whether the company is trustworthy and registered with appropriate industry bodies.



We check if the home warranty companies provide customers, the information about their pricing, added charges, limitations, liabilities, etc.



We take a look at the pricing of home warranty plans and measure it against the coverage and benefits offered.

Claims Process

Claims ProcessClaims Process

We go through customer reviews and reports on the claims process's ease and quality, and response time.



We identify if the companies go the extra mile to provide value-added services and unique coverage options.

Consumer feedback

Consumer feedbackConsumer feedback

We read through home warranty companies’ user reviews scores to check customer satisfaction levels.



We compare the coverage offered by home warranty plans from different companies and check their coverage levels by studying their contracts. Doing so gives us an insight into the coverage extent and limitations of different companies.

What Does A Home Warranty Cover?

What Does A Home Warranty Cover?

A home warranty is designed to cover all the major appliances and systems of your home. The covered items will be repaired or replaced for a low service charge. Most home warranty companies offer multiple plans with varying levels of coverage as part of their offerings.

While the coverage of most home warranty companies is more or less the same, a few offer extra benefits by throwing in home maintenance services, including electronics or smart home devices, etc, as part of their coverage.

What Does A Home Warranty Cover?

Types of Warranty Coverage

To cater to all kinds of homeowners, the coverage options of home warranty companies range from basic to comprehensive, with a choice of optional add-ons. Some even offer personalized coverage.

Basic coverage - Common everyday appliances and systems are a part of these plans. This type of coverage is ideal for homeowners having limited items needing financial protection.

Distinctive coverage - A few home warranty companies offer appliance-only and system-only plan options.

Comprehensive/Combination Plans - These plans comprise both appliances and systems and offer increased coverage limits. They inadvertently cost more than the other plan options.

Device Covered

Below is the list of items that are commonly included in home warranty coverage -

Appliances Systems Optional Add-ons
Built-in Microwave Air Conditioner/HVAC Pool/Spa
Refrigerator Plumbing Stand-alone Freezer
Stove/Oven/Cooktop Electrical Second Refrigerator
Clothes Washer Central Vacuum Code Upgrades
Clothes Dryer Garage Door Wine Cooler
Dishwasher Garbage Disposal
Attic/Ceiling/Exhaust Fans

Exclusions & Limitations

Exclusions & Limitations

A home warranty contract is particular about the extent and nature of its coverage. Specific parts of your covered items may be exempt from coverage, and there is a cap for the amount the company will shell out for a particular item. Another factor for exclusion is the reason for the item’s breakdown.

Pre-existing conditions, willful neglect, misuse, damage due to natural disasters, etc., are grounds for claim denial. We recommend going through the contract in detail to understand the policy.

Exclusions & Limitations

How Does A Home Warranty Work?

The claims procedure of a home warranty is relatively simple. We have detailed the process below -

After signing up for a home warranty, you can start placing claims for your covered item after the waiting period.

  1. You can call or place a service request online if a covered item breaks down.
  2. The customer representative will schedule an appointment with a technician.
  3. The technician will arrive and check if the item and the part in question is covered under the contract.
  4. After the technician receives a confirmation to proceed, they’ll recommend the best course of action - repair or replacement.
  5. Some companies may offer you cash instead of replacement in some cases.

How Much Money Will A Home Warranty Help Me Save?

Your average home warranty costs $300-$500, while the monthly premium can be anywhere between $30-$80, and the deductible price may cost $50-$150.

The following table reflects the amount you are likely to incur if any of the following items break down.

Appliance/ System Repair Cost Replacement Cost
Oven $130-$650 $100-$2000
Refrigerator $200 – $400 <$1000
Water Heater $100-$1000 $750-$1500
Air Conditioning System $20 – $2900 $5000
Heating System $80 – $1200 $3000 – $5000
Microwave $200-$300 $90-$800
Septic system $200-$1500 $3000-$10000
Washer or Dryer $130 – $500 >$1000

As you may have noticed, the pricing for home warranties are comparatively negligible to what you may have to spend out of pocket in case of a sudden breakdown.

Are Home Warranties Worth It?

If you are the owner of an older home and your aging systems and appliances show signs of wear and tear, a home warranty policy can be an essential investment. There’s no way of knowing how well the former owner cared for the appliances for homebuyers.

Therefore, a home warranty might be worth the cost, especially if the home's purchase has already exceeded the budget. Landlords can relax knowing that any potential breakdown of their residential property’s systems can be easily fixed.

However, with all of that said and done, home warranties should only be considered once you carefully read through the service contracts. Once you understand the limitations and exclusions of the policy and there's no room for surprises, you can put it to good use.

What Is Generally Included & Excluded In Home Warranty Coverage?

An overview of what is typically included and excluded in a home warranty can provide valuable insights for making informed decisions. This section will delve into details of home warranty coverage and exclusions. Let’s get started.

The home warranty coverage generally includes essential components such as electrical, heating, plumbing systems, air conditioning units, refrigerators, built-in ovens/microwaves, washers, and dryers.

Home warranty providers extend their coverage to additional items, which include pool/spa maintenance, septic systems, secondary systems or appliances, electronic devices, roof leak coverage, re-key services, and even tune-ups. Customers can enhance their regular coverage by adding optional items to the plans at a nominal fee.

What Is Generally Included & Excluded In Home Warranty Coverage?

Despite the comprehensive coverage offered by a home warranty, certain aspects stand excluded from the agreement. These include:

  • Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Malfunctions Arising from Theft or Vandalism
  • Damage Caused by Natural Disasters
  • Incidents Considered Acts of God
  • Cosmetic Damages

Please note that your home warranty agreement may have some other inclusions or exclusions; hence, we strongly advise you to read the terms and conditions thoroughly before purchasing.

Generally, How Much Does A Home Warranty Cost?

According to industry standards, the monthly expense for basic coverage generally falls between $29 to $50. If you choose to avail of more extensive plans, the price range can extend up to $90 per month. Annual premiums for home warranties typically vary from $300 to $600.

Correspondingly, the service call fee, or deductible, for home warranty plans varies from $60 to $125. It is imperative to be aware that a deductible must be paid each time a claim is filed. Additionally, you should note that the premiums and service call fees vary depending on the companies, location, and the selected coverage.

General Home Warranty Cost Of Premiums & Deductible For Different Type Of Plans:

  Monthly Plans Annual Plans
Basic Plans $35 - $45 $350-$450
Premium Plans $50 - $70 $500-$800
Comprehensive Plans $75 - $90 $900-$1100
Deductible $50 - $150

Home Warranties Regulation

Home warranty regulations ensure companies adhere to a consistent and authorized set of procedures established by regulatory authorities. With many new companies emerging every year, the necessity for effective regulation has increased to protect customers’ interests.

Both Federal and State organizations handle these responsibilities. The Federal Government establishes a standardized operating protocol that the states must follow. On the other hand, the states retain the autonomy to regulate companies within their jurisdiction.

However, it is essential to note that not all warranty companies adhere to similar regulations, as laws and regulations vary from state to state.

Home Warranties Regulation

Home Warranty Service Contracts

It's a wise decision to get a home warranty, but before you sign on the dotted line, it's crucial to understand the terms and conditions of your contract. You can maximize the benefits of your home warranty by reading and understanding the fine print. Once you familiarize yourself with doing so, you can avoid surprises, such as claim denials.

Take the time to review the contract carefully and pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Covered Items: Identify which appliances and systems are covered under the contract. Look for an itemized list to ensure that essential components of your home are included.
  • Exclusions: Some providers may exclude pre-existing conditions. Some may not offer coverage for improperly maintained appliances and systems. You must be aware of what’s not covered by your provider.
  • Limits of Liability: Take note of the coverage limits and caps outlined in the contract. Ensure that the maximum claim amounts align with the value of your appliances and systems.
  • Renewal and Cancellation: Understand the contract terms of renewal or cancellation. Make sure that it aligns with your long-term goals and needs.
Home Warranty Service Contracts

Understanding the essential elements of a home warranty service contract is crucial when considering coverage for your home. By carefully reviewing and understanding the contract terms, you can make the most of your home warranty service contract and protect your investment for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the commonly asked questions:

What is the best home warranty company in the United States?

Companies like American Home Shield, Choice Home Warranty, and Liberty Home Guard are viable options for this title due to their affordable pricing, comprehensive coverage, and service quality. However, the best home warranty company can mean different things to different people and is a very subjective choice.

Who has the best home warranty program for seniors?

Leading home warranty companies like American Home Shield, Choice Home Warranty, ServicePlus Home Warranty, and the other top companies are all worthwhile considerations for seniors.

Can you switch home warranty companies?

Yes. You can wait until your plan expires or cancel your existing home warranty contract and switch to another company.

Are home warranty companies regulated?

Home warranty companies are regulated on federal and state levels where the former sets the standard and the latter enforces it within their jurisdictions. It is why regulations vary for each state. The Commissioner of Insurance who oversees home warranties in most cases.

When does home warranty coverage begin?

Most home warranty programs have a 30-day waiting period after which their coverage kicks in.

Are home warranty plans transferable?

Yes, and in most cases, there are no transfer charges.

How long does a home warranty last?

The average contract term of a home warranty is one year. There are multi-year contracts available as well.

Why should I get a home warranty?

Home repair costs tend to increase as your home ages. Having a home warranty in place is easy to save money on unexpected repairs. There’s also the added benefit of peace of mind as you don’t need to worry about finding and dealing with maintenance specialists.

Is home warranty a scam?

No. The concept of a home warranty is not a scam. However, there have been some companies that have swindled customers off of their money. Another misconception seems to be claim denials or poor service quality.

These issues can be avoided by running a background check or going through customer reviews can alert you of any fraudulent activities by a company. Read through your contract’s terms and conditions to enhance your chances of a successful claim. You can identify companies with poor service by checking consumer reviews.

Alternatively, you can consider our vetted list of top home warranty companies in the market.

How is a home warranty different from home insurance?

Homeowners insurance protects your home when something unexpected happens – a burglary, natural disaster, etc. In comparison, home warranties offer protection for your home’s major appliances and systems if they break down due to routine wear and tear.

Do home warranty companies cover wear and tear?

Yes. Home warranty companies cover systems and appliances’ repair and replacement when they break down due to regular wear and tear.

Do home warranty companies cover structural issues?

No, they don’t. Builder’s warranty and home insurance will cover any structural issues related to your home.

How do I cancel my home warranty?

Most home warranty companies require you to send the cancellation request in writing. You can contact your home warranty’s customer service to check if they follow a different process or find out if other options are available.

Are homeowners warranty plans and real estate home warranty plans the same?

No, home warranty providers offer different plans for homeowners and the parties engaged in a real estate transaction. 

The major differences between these two are their types of coverage, pricing, and purchase timing. Where homeowners can buy a policy at any time, real estate home warranty plans can only be bought during the selling and purchasing process.

A seller can buy it during the listing period and offer it to the buyer as an incentive. A homebuyer’s warranty can only be bought within 30 days of the property’s purchase. In some cases, realtors gift the buyer a home warranty to sweeten the deal.

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