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    How Warranty Companies Make Money

    How Warranty Companies Make MoneyThe insurance and extended warranties business sounds almost magical- You pay a nominal premium (and a deductible on a case-by-case basis). The insurers give you services worth at least 1.5-2x that amount? You may hav...
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    Home Warranty Guide To Pre-Existing Conditions

    While home warranty plans are incredibly beneficial for homeowners, many people are confused by the pre-existing condition clauses. While they do get covered to a limited extent in real estate plans, regular homeowner plans don’t usually cover ...
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    Are Home Appliance Warranty Plans Worth Buying

    Do you have trusted appliances that no longer work, lying around your home? Have they been gathering dust the past dust past few years but you don’t want to replace or give them away? Then there is no other option besides repairing or replacing...
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