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Last Updated : April 23, 2020

Insight Pest Solutions

Insight Pest Solutions is a pest management company in business since 2010. It has grown quickly and has a significant presence in the east of the U.S., including cities like Boston and Seattle. Insight Pest Solutions strives to offer customers the best services and support. 

The company only hires licensed technicians to help fight those annoying pests in your home. Extensive training is given to the technicians in biology and pest behavior so those customer problems are solved as efficiently as possible. 

The company strives to build a strong rapport between the technician and the customer. For the treatment to be seamless and successful, the same technician will be sent to your home, as needed, until your problem is solved.

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Why Choose Insight Pest Solutions?

Insight Pest Control specializes in termite control. Most homes have wooden frameworks and are vulnerable to termite attacks that can weaken the home structurally within a few months. Repairing such damage can cost thousands of dollars. Insight offers Standardized Interior Treatment which targets the cracks, crevices, and entry points inside the walls. They also pay attention to the house perimeter which is a prime location for bugs. 

They also handle wasp nests however high these may be situated. Their expertise extends to bed bugs as well. 

Insight Pest Solutions also provides Commercial Pest Control. They visit office buildings, warehouses, restaurants, and multi-unit housing among others to deal with pests safely. They maintain discretion which is of utmost importance for a business.

Why Choose Insight Pest Solutions?

Plans And Pests Covered

Insight Pest Solutions offers the following Plans:

Pest control

  • Ant
  • Mice
  • Wasps
  • Roaches

Add-On Coverage

  • Moles
  • Mosquitoes
  • Stink Bugs
  • Ticks and Fleas
  • Rats
  • Fire Ants
  • Stink Bugs
  • Fire Ants

Disclaimer : Please note that these are the terms of a typical Pest Control contract and that the terms of coverage of your contract may differ from what's mentioned on this page

Final Word

Insight Pest Solutions provides guarantees for optimal pricing, secure contracts, and retreatment. The extermination company ensures a full refund if your treatments fail. Insight Pest Solutions has earned itself a reputation for being dedicated to customer satisfaction. They regularly follow up with customers through surveys and feedback requests, without being pushy. Though they are young and do not have a vast presence across the country, Insight Pest Solutions has grown into a reputable company. They offer safe but effective pest control in the areas where they do operate.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

The company provides a quote after discussing the customer’s needs. The Termite Control Plan is priced after an examination of the client’s property. The add-on services are priced using the same process, based on the client’s location.

Insight Pest Solutions utilizes wall injections, spot treatments, blocking crevices and cracks functioning as entry points, etc. They treat the house perimeter with formulations that do not harm your family, pets, or your garden.

Integrated Pest Management uses insights from animal biology and behavior, in addition to products for pest control. Equal importance is placed on pest deterrence and fixing conditions conducive to pests flourishing. Various baits and traps are used for persistent pests. There are special de-webbers for wasp nests and spider webs that may have formed in hard-to-reach corners and eaves. Clients are educated about pest control. The Insight Pest Control technicians ensure that clients are informed about ways to reduce pest activity.

As many pests flourish in damp and dark conditions, walls are an ideal habitat for them. When the walls have acquired dampness from seepage, it is necessary to apply solutions through access points around existing openings.

Planting a variety of garden grasses and plants increases biodiversity and helps to control pests. Having only a single grass type encourages specific pests to grow. Plants like geraniums repel pests including cabbage worms, red spider mites, etc. Pet owners should have their pets groomed regularly to maintain proper hygiene. It is also important to vacuum the surfaces pets come into contact with. You should remember to dust all your luggage before it enters your home since many pests hitch rides this way.

The crucial fact to remember about bedbugs is that they love clutter. So clean up any forgotten piles you may have. Make your bedrooms inhospitable to bedbugs by sealing up cracks and crevices with caulk. Protect your mattresses using encasements. If you still find yourself facing a bed bug infestation, a pest control service can help you thoroughly rid yourself of the problem.


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