TruGreen Pest Control Review 2022

TruGreen offers a wide range of pest control services, including strategic plans for mosquito treatments. The company offers scientific solutions designed to meet your unique needs. Our TruGreen pest control review will help you to:

  • Know the nitty-gritty of the services offered by TruGreen
  • Find out about the plans and prices 
  • Figure out TruGreen fares against its competitors.


  • Provides services in 49 states
  • Offers workmanship quality guarantee
  • Offers extensive lawn care management as well


  • Doesn’t provide treatments for termites & bed-bugs
  • Comparatively expensive treatments

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Our Opinion

The company has been in this industry for several decades and has served 2.3 million clients. TruGreen offers tailored and bundled programs which have garnered positive reviews from customers. These programs are designed to tackle grub, tick, fleas, earwings, spiders, mosquitoes, ants, rodents, and more.

However, you won’t be able to rely on them if you require aid from bed bugs, flies, moths, or termites, as TruGreen doesn’t offer services for these.

TruGreen Plans & Services

TruGreen offers these pest control services to its customers:

Perimeter Pest Control

TruGreen Perimeter Pest Control plan offers seasonal treatments for the various unwanted pests and the dangerous diseases they spread. The company applies treatment four times per year in which a TruGreen professional arrives at your doorstep to carry out the services.

Grub Control & Prevention

In this plan, a TruGreen specialist will inspect your yard for beetle activities and apply the insect control product before the egg-hatching season. You may need to water the treatment regularly; it will help move the product to the roots. TruGreen claims its product will stay in the roots and eliminate white grubs.

TruGreen Mosquito Control

TruGreen’s mosquito control service is among the most comprehensive services in the company’s service portfolio. The process begins with an extensive check to ensure that breeding places are reduced to a minimum. Next, the professional applies a microbial pesticide to destroy the eggs and larvae, which dries out in an hour or two. These substances disturb the life cycle of mosquitoes.

Finally, you’ll receive a comprehensive report with mechanical and sanitary recommendations. It also includes a list of the components utilized in the treatment procedure – insecticides, foggers, and specialist equipment.

TruGreen claims that its mosquito defense products are effective within 24 hours. If you’re not completely satisfied, TruGreen will perform the services again at no additional cost. 

TruGreen Tree & Shrub Services

In Tree & Shrub Services, TruGreen offers a science-based customized program for insect control near your trees. It also has targeted seasonal root fertilization for the spring and fall months.

Additionally, TruGreen provides horticulture oil treatments that help control insects during the spring season.

Weed Control

TruGreen professionals would perform a lawn analysis to evaluate your lawn’s soil, climate, and grass, which would help them for applying weed-removal treatments. The specialists then visit your property every four to six weeks and provide a service summary, including tips for caring for your lawn between visits.

Outdoor Nuisance Pest Control

This plan provides services against common pests such as ticks, fleas, chiggers, earwigs, ants, and spiders. However, TruGreen does not include treatments for fire ants

Under this service, a local TruGreen expert will inspect your property and apply pest control products to reduce the population of active pests. The company will then conduct follow-up visits throughout the year.

TruGreen Lawn Care Plans

Being a leading lawn care provider, TruGreen offers an extensive list of lawn maintenance plans and services, including aeration, lime soil amendment, overseeding, soil analysis, adding fertilizers, and pre-emergent and targeted weed control. 

Apart from that, if you opt to purchase a package, some lawn-care plans include tree & shrub and weed prevention services. 

TruGreen Cost

The cost of lawn care will vary depending on factors such as your zip code, the size of your lawn, and the number of pests or services covered. The annual price of the mosquito defense program can cost around $550.

However, TruGreen does not disclose its prices online, instead provides customized costs tailored to your home and required services.

To find exact pricing, get a free quote now!


TruGreen offers 50% Off on the first application. You may also find other discounts or offers when making payments.

How does TruGreen Work? 

TruGreen will provide a free inspection. You can submit a request on the TruGreen website or call the company directly. However, you must first submit your details online with a TruGreen representative. Your name, email address, zip code, phone number, house size, and payment method are essential.

Following that, TruGreen will contact you to set up an appointment to analyze the pest problems in your house and provide thorough information on the offered services. You can select a service or plan based on your requirements. A specialist will carry out the process of treating the pest infestation in your home. 

TruGreen claims to provide services at $0 if any customer remains unsatisfied. 

Note: We recommend discussing a few things with specialists during the inspection checks, such as prepayment, terms, conditions, exclusion, etc., making the most out of the services.  

Comparison With Other Companies

Company Name
Standout Feature
States Covered
24/7 Availability
Online Chat
BBB Rating
Trugreen Provides Organic Pest Control Services $550 49 Yes Yes A+
Orkin Oldest Pest Control Service Provider $575 47 Yes No A+
Terminix Offers Extensive Pest Coverage $550-$700 46 Yes Yes Not Accredited

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Key Details

Residential Pest Control


Commercial Pest Control


One-Time Treatment Available


Preventive Services


24/7 Availability


Satisfaction Guarantee




State Availability - All except Alaska

Company Information

Previously Named
TruGreen ChemLawn
Parent organization
Clayton Dubilier and Rice
No. Of Subsidiaries
Company type
John Cowles, President
Year of Establishment
Years In Business
1790 Kirby Parkway Forum II, Suite 300, Memphis, Tennessee, 38138

TruGreen: Reviews & Ratings

To explain TruGreen's pest control services better, we've assembled a list of user reviews and ratings. Take a look at this:

Review Platform No. of Reviews Rating
Google 189
4 / 5
Yelp 2
5 / 5
BBB 937
1.1 / 5
Angi 86
4.1 / 5
Trust Pilot 5,089
1.9 / 5
Pissed Consumer 1,966
1.4 / 5
SiteJabber 14
1.4 / 5

TruGreen is accredited by Better Business Bureau (BBB) and holds an A+ rating. However, the company has mixed reviews on other platforms, where some customers say it has provided decent services. On the other hand, some had complaints against its sales representatives, calling them pushy.

Our Methodology

We at Consumera are committed to providing you with credible pest control companies' reviews. So, we research, compare, and analyze the companies' offerings and performances based on the following parameters.

  • Cost: We examine the cost of pest control companies regarding the services offered. The pricing includes monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, annual premiums, service fees, and any customers' discount. We compare the costs to the industry average to verify whether the services are affordable and cost-effective. 
  • Pest Coverage: We compare the plans offered by different pest control providers. The parameters for comparison include pest coverage for household and commercial purposes and additional services that the companies provide.
  • Treatments: We examine the customer reviews and their satisfaction with the pest extermination products, eradication process, time to complete it, and preventative services.  
  • Transparency: We determine whether the company is registered to provide services in the States. We also check if it is transparent with the details of CEOs, service personnel, and products used in treatments. 
  • Uniqueness: We check if the company provides extra services, benefits, or seasonal pest coverage options that make it stand out from others in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How reliable is TruGreen?

TruGreen is licensed, bonded, and insured in each state with an office. The company is BBB accredited and a member of the National Association Of Landscape Professionals. As a result, its customers can relax knowing that TruGreen is trusted and reliable.

Is TruGreen mosquito control safe?

TruGreen’s products are EPA certified and safe for you and your pets. However, the company suggests staying away from the treated areas until the product is completely dried.

Does TruGreen mosquito defense work on ticks?

TruGreen offers a different treatment for ticks since its mosquito defense is designed to eliminate mosquitoes.

What type of chemicals does TruGreen use?

TruGreen claims that it uses 100% natural products, but customers have stated that it uses chemicals such as Glyphosate, a very harmful chemical in many of its products.

How long does it take for TruGreen to work?

There are different timelines for all the services. For instance, the mosquito defense is effective within 24 hours, and in the case of weeds, you can see a decline in 10-14 days. You can find the exact time for a specific service in your TruGreen contract.

What does TruGreen use on lawns?

TruGreen claims to use 100% natural and eco-friendly products on lawns that encourage healthy grass growth. 

Should I mow before or after TruGreen treatment?

It is not recommended to mow before or after the treatments. However, if necessary, the TruGreen specialist will guide you through the process.

Can you cancel TruGreen at any time?

Yes, you can opt out of TruGreen’s programs anytime, either by informing via mail or texting STOP to 72241.

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