Cinch Home Services Review

In our Cinch Home Services review (previously named Cross Country Home Service), we’ll provide details about its pricing, offers, plans, customer service, and more. After reading this detailed review, you will be able to:

  •  Learn about the Cinch Home Services policy 
  • Check its pricing details and see if it fits within your budget
  • Decide if its plan fits your home’s requirements

prosPerks :

  • Offers a 180-day guarantee on workmanship
  • Low cancellation fees
  • Covers unknown pre-existing conditions

consDrawbacks :

  • Doesn’t offer many add-ons as compared to the competition
  • Does not provide roof-leak protection
  • Does not serve Alaska and Hawaii

Disclosure: We may receive a commission for quotes accepted by the customers, but this has no bearing on the legitimacy of our review process.

Our Opinion

Cinch Home Services offers timely repairs and maintenance to its clients, which has helped the company to earn a B+ rating by the BBB. Their plans cover more of what people require, such as handles, rust, and drawers. 

The company offers an extended workmanship guarantee of 180 days and has a faster response time than its competitors. It also offers a more transparent and upfront service fee than the competitors. However, they should work on simplifying the pricing structure.

Cinch Home Services Cost

The home warranty plans of Cinch start at $34.99 for the Appliances plan, while the price of Built-in systems starts from $39.99 per month. On the other hand, the Complete Home plan is the priciest of all the plans, starting at $49.99 every month. 

As a homeowner, you can decide between three service fees – $75, $100, or $150 to be paid every visit. Your premium will depend on what you select from the plan. 

The plans are on the higher side, but you can choose to utilize its version of ‘pay what you want.’

Note: The ‘pay-what-you-want’ feature allows you to select the appliances and built-in systems you want to include in your home warranty plan and pay a premium accordingly.

For your reference, here’s how much the Cinch Home Services plan costs in Durham, North Carolina.

Service Call Fee


Built-in Systems 

Complete Home


$50.99 every month

$57.99 every month

$67.99 every month 


$44.99 every month

$51.99 every month

$61.99 every month


$34.99 every month

$39.99 every month

$49.99 every month

If you are a real estate pro, the total cost of the plan will vary depending on the type of your property and the chosen deductible or service call fee. For Seller and Buyer’s plans, there are two options for deductible, $75 and $175. However, if you choose Cinch Preferred Plan, the service fee would be $175.

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Discounts and Offers

Cinch Home Services might waive the first two months’ payment for specific home plans. The company also provides discounts to homeowners requiring new appliances. It is currently offering $50 Off on Cinch Preferred Plan.

Cinch Home Services Plans & Coverage

Cinch Home Services provides three primary warranty plans: appliance plan, home systems plan, and complete home plan. 

  • Appliances: The appliance plan is more affordable than other plans as it includes several costly home appliances such as dishwashers, clothes dryers, and clothes washers.
  • Built-in Systems: The built-in systems plan includes non-appliance components. Notable inclusions include smoke detectors, plumbing, and HVAC systems.
  • Complete Home: The Complete Home plan includes Appliance and Built-in Systems plans and a few more benefits. It also covers the sump pump and water sensor. Homeowners covered under this plan can receive up to $500 homeowners deductible reimbursement.
  • Premier Upgrade: Cinch’s Premium upgrade package can be added to any home warranty plan to include services that your plan may not cover. Few such services include electrical and plumbing modifications, reclamation of refrigerant, and condenser pads.

Real Estate Plans

Under real estate coverage Cinch offers the following plans:

  • Seller: This plan covers a combination of systems and appliances plus locksmith services. It also provides central heating & A/C (two units) as an optional service which costs extra $75.
  • Buyer: This includes everything from the Seller’s coverage plus a few optional add-ons.
  • Cinch Preferred Plan: The preferred plan covers everything listed under both Seller and Buyer plans.

Take a look this table to know homeowners’ coverage in detail:

Systems and Appliances 


Built-in Systems

Complete Home





Freestanding Ice Maker




Food Centers (Built-in)


Microwave (Built-in)




Range Exhaust Hood


Trash Compactor


Air Conditioner or Water Filter Credit 

Air Conditioning and Ductwork

Water Sensor 

Attic Fan 


Central Vacuum 


Ceiling Fan 


Electrical System




Garbage DIsposal 


Garage Door Opener 


Instant Hot/Cold Water Dispenser


Smoke Detector 


Heating System and Ductwork 




Sump Pump 




Water Heater


Whirlpool/Jetted Tub


Homeowners Insurance Deductible Reimbursement 


Here are the covered parts of the following items:

Air Conditioning: Accessible ductwork from the air conditioning unit to the point of attachment at registers/grills; air handler; blower fan motors; capacitors; compressors; condensers; condenser fan motors etc. 

Plumbing: Mechanical parts and components: garbage disposal; interior hose bibs; point of service water system/instant; pressure regulating devices; shower and tub valves; toilet tanks etc.

Septic: This plan includes one sewage ejector pump’s mechanical parts and components (located within the main foundation perimeter). The clearing of stoppages within the connecting waste line ( which leads from the house to the primary septic tank) is identifiable as normal wear and tear and can be accessed through an existing cleanout without excavation.

Pool: Mechanical parts and components include: air pumps; blower motor; filters (freestanding housing body, laterals, pressure gauges, backflush valves); gaskets; impellers; internal spa pack heater; internal switches; primary circulator pump and motor; and relays.

Make sure to read the terms & conditions and sample contract before investing in the Cinch Home Warranty.

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Add- Ons

  • Pool (Heater Included)
  • Septic Tank/Pumping
  • Premier Upgrade Package
  • Pool with Spa (Heater Included)
  • Well Pump
  • Spa (Heater Included)

Cinch Home Services Coverage Limits

Cinch Home Services’ aggregate claims liability is $10,000. Every home appliance and the system has a coverage cap; repairs and replacement will only get covered up to the stated amount in case of a breakdown. The dollar payout limit for heating systems is $1500, and ACs are $1000. They have a maximum liability of $2000 per item for kitchen appliances

Plan Exclusions 

Cinch Home Services doesn’t cover items if the arising damage is due to:

  • Accidents 
  • Lightning Strikes 
  • Radioactive contamination 
  • Power surge 
  • Power failure 
  • Lightning strikes
  • Fire casualty 
  • Earthquake 
  • Smoke 
  • Flood
  • Earthquake 
  • Freeze damage, etc.

Quality of Cinch Customer Service

Cinch Home Services has mixed reviews of both happy and unhappy customers and has closed thousands of complaints in the past years. The company has a straightforward process for scheduling service appointments and offers 24/7 customer service.

Cinch Claims Filing Process

It offers a simple process to file claims. You’ll need to follow these steps during the filing process:

  • Contact its customer care team via the service portal or call them at (844) 324-5688.
  • They will ask and note down your residence and policy details. 
  • Describe the exact issue you face, and a service visit will be scheduled.
  • You will be charged an upfront service fee, which will be adjusted with the deductible later. 

Comparison With Other Companies

Premium (Monthly)
Coverage Cap
State Availability
BBB Rating
Cinch Home Services $35-$70 $75-$150 $1,000-$2,000 48 B+
American Home Shield $39-$60 $75-$150 $6K-Unlimited 49 B
Choice Home Warranty $40-$65 $85 Up to $3K/item 49 B
First American Home Warranty $30-$50 $85 Up to $3.5k per item 35 B
Select Home Warranty $45-$50 $60-$100 $2,000 46 B
ServicePlus Home Warranty $40-$60 $75 1.5k/contract term 48 Not Rated

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Key Details

Waiting Period

-30 days

Dollar Limit For Access

-$1k- $2k

Free Cancellation


Contract Transfer Fee


Cancellation Fee


Customer Service

- 24/7

Automatic Renewal


State Availability - All except Alaska and Hawaii

Company Details

Parent Company
The Cross Country Group, LLC
Registered Company Name
Cinch Home Services Inc.
Company Type
Steve Upshaw
Established In
Years In Business
Corporate Office/Headquarters
Boca Raton, FL

*Cross Country Home Services changed its name to Cinch Home Services Inc. Apart from the company’s name change, different other subsidiaries also come under the Cinch name, including HMS Home Warranty and TotalProtect. 

Cinch Home Services: Customer Reviews

Take a look at how the customers have reviewed the Cinch Home Services at different review platforms:  

Review Platform No. of Reviews Rating
Google 623
2.3 / 5
BBB 1,210
1.1 / 5
Trust Pilot 1,955
3.4 / 5
Pissed Consumer 53
1.5 / 5

While Cinch has moderate ratings on the BBB and Trust Pilot platforms, it still suffers from poor customer reviews across various other review platforms. When going through its reviews, we found most complaints to be related to customer service and its technicians.


Our Team is committed to offering in-detail and unbiased reviews to our readers. We keep the following things in mind when reviewing the Cinch Home Services:

  • Plans: Checking the company’s plans has helped offer you clear information. Some of the things that we have considered here are what are the home appliances and systems covered under warranty? Are they offering something unique? 
  • Contract terms: By going through the company’s contract terms, we are able to offer you clear information on What parts are included or excluded? What is the coverage extent? 
  • Customer quality: By seeing the customer quality, we are able to offer you a clear picture of what you can expect from the company. 
  • Coverage: Is proper coverage offered for potential fixes? Do they match the living standards? 
  • Pricing: What is the cost? Is the price appropriate for the coverages offered?
  • Credibility: What is the reputation of the company? Going through the reputation of the company has been a big help in the offering. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Cinch Home Services Legit?

Yes, Cinch Home Services is legit. It has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with a B rating. It has been serving its customers since 1978 and offering them different home warranty plans and workmanship.

Does Cinch own Sears Home Warranty?

No, Sears Home is not owned by Cinch.In fact, Sears has partnered with Cross Country Home Services rather than launching its own in-house offering. CCCH handles everything behind the scenes ranging from claims management to technician scheduling.

Will Cinch Home Warranty Replace AC?

Yes, Cinch Home Warranty will replace an AC. However, you should make sure to read the terms and conditions thoroughly. Reading them will help you understand their policies and help you in making the best decision.

Does Cinch Home Warranty Cover Roof Leaks?

No, Cinch Home Warranty doesn’t cover roof leaks.

What To Do If My Claim With Cinch Is Denied?

A claim denial can happen because of various reasons. However, you can’t do much if Cinch denies your claim. Reading the terms and conditions before signing up will help you stay safe.

How Many Service Requests Can I Make To Cinch In a Year?

Cinch offers unlimited service requests for the included items in your home warranty contract until you reach the maximum coverage caps. After reaching the maximum coverage caps, you will need to pay the remaining amount out of your pocket. 

Can I Choose My Technician For Repairs With Cinch Home Services?

No, Cinch Home Services will not let you choose your technician for repairs. They will select a trained technician for you themselves.

Does Cinch Home Warranty Cover Freon?

No, Cinch Home Warranty doesn’t cover freon.

How Do I Cancel My Cinch Home Warranty?

You can cancel or renew your contract by contacting its customer service team at (844) 324-5688.The cancellation fee is $25 and you will need to inform the company within 30 days before canceling.

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