America’s Preferred Home Warranty Review

America’s Preferred Home Warranty reviews can differ from one customer to another, but reading through this informative piece about the company will help you make informed decisions. This article includes all the critical factors, including features, pros, and cons of the home warranty company. 

This detailed review should help to:

  • Determine the best coverage option for your needs
  • Identify the standard of service provided by APHW
  • Go beyond reducing home maintenance and repair costs

prosPerks :

  • They offer the choice to select your licensed contractor for repairs
  • They offer affordable plans
  • They provide hotel benefits of $75/night for up to a 3-night hotel stay in case you need to leave home for covered repairs to be finished

consDrawbacks :

  • There are various caps and limitations on the payout by the company
  • Their standard coverage does not include a washer and dryer
  • Since you choose your contractor, there is no guarantee on the payout and repair work

Disclosure: We may receive a commission for quotes accepted by the customers, but this has no bearing on the legitimacy of our review process.

Our Opinion 

America’s Preferred Home Warranty has been for over 20 years. Our research shows that they value their customer’s feedback and provide affordable plans for buyers, homeowners, and real estate professionals.

America’s Preferred Home Warranty Cost 

The cost of APHW plans differ depending on the service fee or deductible, but they provide the same coverage. You can select one of the options from the following:

  • $46.58 a month and a $50 deductible. 
  • $42.42 a month and a $100 deductible. 
  • $39.58 a month and a $125 deductible. 

Each warranty has a 12-month contract. 

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APHW provides its homeowners with a free loyalty program. With the help of their Preferred Rewards saving program, you can save on the goods, food, and services you choose to use every day.

Apart from that, you can also grab various deals from your favorite retailers. 

America’s Preferred Home Warranty Plans & Coverage 

America’s Preferred Home Warranty offers two plans: Standard Coverage (with preferred upgrade) and Real-Estate Plan. 

  • Standard Coverage: Includes all the vital home systems and kitchen appliances.
  • Preferred Upgrade: Adds different repairs and covered parts to the standard coverage. 
  • Real-estate Plan: America’s Preferred Home Warranty provides professionals with a mobile app ‘Real-Pro’. This tool comes in handy and allows real estate professionals to buy, maintain, and renew various warranty contracts. Apart from these, you can aslo:
  • Check the summary of your home warranties’ history
  • Make payments directly from the app
  • Order marketing goods
  • Upload home warranty agreements


APHW Coverage 

The home warranty company mainly covers every major appliance and system in your home, including electrical, heating, plumbing, refrigerator, etc. 

Standard Coverage 

With Preferred Upgrade 

Central Air Conditioning

Refrigerant recovery, reclaim, and disposal, crane expenses, registers & grills, ceiling fan

Built-in Dishwasher 

Racks, baskets, rollers

Built-in Oven 

Interior lining, clocks, rotisseries, handles, knobs, racks, dials 

Garage Door Opener 

Hinges, springs, remote transmitters, keypads 


Refrigerant recovery, ice maker and ice/beverage dispenser, control board, and respective equipment 

Central Vacuum 


Attic & Exhaust Fans




Electrical System 

Special Electrical Package: fire/burglar alarm, lighting fixtures, doorbell 


Replacement with similar quality (Toilets)

Heating System

Central Heat Adds- registers, heat lamps, and grills 

Instant Hot Water Dispenser


Built-in Microwave

Interior lining, glass door, shelves, and clocks

Water Heater

Sediment build up 



Garbage Disposal 


Permanent Trash Compactor (built-in)


Permanently Installed Sump Pump




Septic System


Septic System

Lock and key assembly, buckets 

Water Well Pump 


Roof Leak Repair


NOTE:- $250 for code violations 

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Add- Ons

  • Water Softener
  • Additional Refrigerator
  • Jetted Bathtub
  • Sprinkler System
  • Salt Water Pool/Spa
  • Clothes Washer & Dryer
  • Termite Control
  • Gas Fireplace

Research properly as these extra items and systems are covered at an extra cost. The company discusses this policy openly, so you can read the limitations to get help in making the right decision.

America’s Preferred Home Warranty Coverage Limits

You can find a list of the payout caps and limitations in your sample agreement provided by the APHW. Generally, its policy offers an overall aggregate liability of $25,000, slightly more than the industry standards. 

Plan Exclusions

America’s Preferred Home Warranty provides all the details related to their coverage limitations and exclusions in their sample contract. They clearly state the circumstances in which they won’t be responsible for the repair and replacement. Some of the exclusions, in this case, are known or unknown pre-existing conditions, rust, vandalism, smoke, missing parts, improper installation etc. APHW won’t offer coverage if the company isn’t informed as soon as the issue is detected. 

Quality Of APHW Customer Service

America’s Preferred Home Warranty’s reviews show that they believe in offering excellent service to their customers. The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. It is the highest rating possible that a company can get, and it is achieved only by a few home warranty companies. 

The customers are pleased with the responsive nature of the company and flexibility in choosing their person for repairs. However, the company in a few cases has even denied paying the claims due to this reason. 

APHW Claim Filing Process 

The APHW claim filing process is relatively easier than its competitors. You can file the claim online by visiting the company’s website. It accepts requests 24 hours during all seven days Here are some of the steps that you require to file a claim:

  • Begin filing the claim on the APHW website and get a claim number. The claim can get initiated over the phone as well. 
  • Call the preferred licensed technician for diagnosing the problem. 
  • Before commencement of the work by the professional, you should call 800-648-5006 for phone approval. If you don’t follow this guideline, it can result in claim denial. 
  • A representative from the APHW will give a determination on the coverage; after it gets approved, the payment will get initiated. 

Note: APHW claims that they will pay for the repair or replacement without any delay. The payment can be carried over the phone via credit card, or a cheque can be sent to the technician or reimbursement can be made to the policyholder within 14 business days. 

America’s Preferred Home Warranty Comparison

Premium (Monthly)
Coverage Cap
State Availability
BBB Rating
ServicePlus Home Warranty $40-$60 $75 1.5k/contract term 48 Not Rated
Choice Home Warranty $40-$65 $85 Up to $3K/item 49 B
American Home Shield $39-$60 $75-$150 $6K-Unlimited 49 B
Select Home Warranty $45-$50 $60-$100 $2,000 46 B

*No rating or not rated.

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Key Details

Waiting Period

-30 days

Dollar Limit For Access


Free Cancellation

-30 days

Contract Transfer Fee


Cancellation Fee


Customer Service


Automatic Renewal


State Availability - All except Alabama, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia and West Virginia

Company Details

Registered Company Name
America’s Preferred Home Warranty, Inc.
Company Type
Randy Caltrider and Rodney Martin, Founder
Established In
Years In Business
Corporate Office/Headquarters
5775 Ann Arbor Rd, Jackson, MI 49201

America’s Preferred Home Warranty: Consumer Ratings

We have compiled a handful of customer’s thoughts from various websites to offer you helpful insight. Going through them  will help you in providing a better picture of the company.

Review Platform No. of Reviews Rating
Google 4,350
4.1 / 5
Yelp 251
2 / 5
BBB 333
3.2 / 5
Trust Pilot 19
1.7 / 5
Pissed Consumer 94
3.5 / 5

They rank quite well on some consumer review platforms while poorly on others. The company is doing quite a commendable job and keeping its customers satisfied. However, there are still complaints regarding dollar limits.

Our Methodology 

We aim to provide the customers with the best information about the home warranty companies present in the market. That is why our reviews are measured against the following criteria:

  • Coverage: What do their plans cover? What are the coverage caps, and are they reasonable? 
  • Plans: Do the plans include everything important in the home? Do they provide comprehensive services? Are they providing anything better than their competitors?
  • Contract terms: What parts are not covered? What parts are covered? Do they stand by their promises? Is it transparent with regards to the terms and conditions?
  • Credibility: How many years of experience do they have? What is their reputation amongst the homeowners?
  • Customer Service: Are the customers satisfied with the offered services? 
  • Pricing: Are the prices affordable? Are the prices according to the provided coverage? 

We consider all of the above factors and more when reviewing a company. Our thorough research includes all the considerations and performance comparisons with their competitors. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does America’s Preferred Home Warranty Cover Mold?

No, APHW policy doesn’t cover any repair or replacement needed because of mold.

What Is The Preferred Upgrade by America’s Preferred Home Warranty?

APHW offers an option to purchase extended coverage, which is termed a “preferred upgrade.” This plan allows you to extend the warranty on parts and repairs and items not covered in the standard plan.

Does America’s Preferred Warranty Cover Roof Leaks?

Yes, America’s Preferred Warranty covers roof leaks. They offer coverage for asphalt shingles, rolled roofing, and flashing from water leaks happening during the coverage period. 

How Long Do The APHW Home Warranty Usually Last?

The APHW home warranty is a 12-month contract. During this term, they offer protection to the home systems and appliances in any breakdown or failure because of normal wear and tear

Does APHW Home Warranty Cover Townhouses?

Yes, APHW provides a townhouse warranty. Apart from that, the company also provides a home warranty for manufactured homes, multi-family units, condos, and single-family homes. 

Home Warranty vs. Home Insurance: What’s The Difference?

A home warranty is typically a 12-month contract that offers protection to the home systems and appliances in case of any breakdown or wear and tear. 

Homeowner’s insurance protects the home’s structure against damage caused by calamities. They include fire, storms, vandalism, and more. The insurance provider needs to pay all the repair costs. 

Home warranties and home insurance provide full protection for your home. They protect you against any expensive repair and replacement.

How Do I Cancel My APHW Home Warranty?

The prorated amount of the home warranty contract will get refunded if you select to cancel it within 30 days of its purchase. However, you might be charged a cancellation fee after this period. Though, they have certain guidelines for all the covered states. So, you should make sure to properly read the cancellation process in your service contract. 

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