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    How To Protect Your Home From Coronavirus

    With the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 having shaken the world, companies across the U.S have taken to remote work on a large scale. While the Coronavirus is very contagious, there is a lot of misinformation fueling worldwide panic. Therefore it is...
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    20 Summer Home Maintenance Tips And A Checklist To Follow

    Summer’s here! And you know there’s no better time to clean up and repair than now. If there’s any repair work that you’ve been wanting to do, now’s the time to do it. With the sun out and the heat on the rise, there are...
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    How To Cut Down On Home Maintenance Costs

    A home is a dream that takes a lifetime to realize; and so does the investment. After putting in all of your hard-earned money in buying a place that’s a representation of your dream home, there is nothing that makes you happier as you wish to ...
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    What Is Covered Under Builder’s Warranty?

    Builder’s warranty is a written statement by the builder assuring that the house was completed as per a stipulated set of standards. This provides a form of protection to buyer from latent defects. This form of warranty is also called a Li...
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    Home Maintenance Checklist: 8 Tips Every Homeowner Must Consider

    Well, you probably do some sort of home maintenance but it’s likely that you don’t follow a complete home maintenance checklist. There are so many jobs that homeowners forget about and some don’t even know about it. If this is the c...
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