How To Buy An Extended Auto Warranty? And What You Should Know About Them

Published Date: September 27, 2023

How To Buy An Extended Auto Warranty? And What You Should Know About Them

Whether you own a new or old car, you want it to always be in optimal condition. Your vehicle’s good condition ensures a hassle-free experience for long drives or your daily route to work. Extended auto warranties are your best bet to keep your car in tip-top condition for a prolonged period.

Which are the top auto warranty companies, and how do you buy them? And what aspects should you consider before buying one? This detailed guide will help car owners like you understand how to buy an extended auto warranty and lots more.

Top Extended Auto Warranty Companies

Different types of extended auto warranties in the market offer customers different plans and coverage. We have listed some top companies and their features that make them a good buy.


The company is a popular choice among vehicle owners in the country. Endurance also provides a range of incredible plans to suit your vehicle’s needs. Also, by chance, if you are not happy with the company’s services, you could opt for a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Some of the unique features of this company’s offering are as follows:

  • Affiliated repair centers across the country
  • Each Endurance warranty plan comes with an Elite Membership
  • If a specific component is not covered and needs repairs, Endurance facilitates the process.


Car Shield offers affordable auto warranty options, ensuring its plans don’t burn a deep hole in your pocket. Having served more than one million customers, the company has demonstrable expertise in the field, making it a reasonable choice.

Choosing a Car Shield warranty makes sure you qualify for the following benefits:

  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Choose a mechanic of your choice
  • Flexibility in payment plans


The company has been in the business for 12 years and has provided services for several customers nationwide. Opting for a Carchex plan entitles you to several benefits, such as roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement. 

Some of the other advantages of the Carchex’s auto warranty services are as follows:

  • Pocket-friendly plans
  • Application to help you find a repair center close to you
  • 30- day money-back guarantee

How To Buy An Extended Auto Warranty?

Purchasing an extended auto warranty is a smart decision that provides additional peace of mind and financial security regarding unexpected vehicle repairs. It’s essential to follow this process with careful consideration and understanding to ensure you make the right choice for your specific needs.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to buy an extended auto warranty:

  • Research: Begin by researching various extended auto warranty providers. Explore the available coverage options, terms, and customer reviews to understand each provider’s offer. 
  • Choose a Reputable Provider: Choose a reliable extended vehicle warranty supplier who meets your needs. Look for a company with a strong reputation, excellent customer service, and positive reviews from former customers.
  • Obtain & Compare Quotes Online: Use the web to seek free quotes from various warranty providers. Evaluate which option offers the best value for the investment and fulfills your requirements.
  • Contact the Provider: Reach out to the chosen extended auto warranty provider to finalize the purchase. Communicate with their representatives, provide any additional required information, and complete the necessary paperwork to formalize the transaction.
  • Receive Coverage Card: After confirming the purchase, you will receive a coverage card or confirmation of your warranty. Ensure you keep this card in your vehicle for easy access and to present to authorized service centers when needed.
  • Follow Warranty Guidelines: Adhere to the guidelines and procedures outlined in your warranty contract when seeking repairs. Take time to review your warranty contract thoroughly. Familiarize yourself with the specific terms, conditions, coverage limits, and any stipulations related to repairs.

What Should You Know About Extended Auto Warranties?

Extended auto warranties can be a real boon for car owners. However, you must know more about these warranties to get the most out. We have mentioned a few essential pointers you should know while purchasing and using these warranties.

  • Your extended auto warranty service contract contains essential details on what parts get covered in your policy.
  • A deductible fee is charged when you take your car for repairs.
  • Deductible fee may vary depending on the company you choose
  • Understand your vehicle and opt for a plan that fits your requirements.

Benefits Of An Extended Auto Warranty

Extended auto warranties offer several benefits to car owners, providing an additional layer of protection and peace of mind beyond the standard manufacturer’s warranty. Many car owners understand the advantages of extended auto warranties and have invested in them to get the benefits. 

The below-mentioned pointers will help you know these advantages in greater detail.

  • Auto warranty helps you save money, as repairing components with an extended warranty is an expensive prospect
  • Extended warranty companies offer different plans. You can choose a plan that best suits your needs
  • Most top extended warranty companies have authorized service centers across the country, making it easy for you to get your vehicle fixed anywhere
  • The peace of mind knowing that your car gets protected for the future

Distinction Between A Manufacturer Warranty And An Extended Auto Warranty

Car owners must understand the difference between a manufacturer warranty and an extended auto warranty to have a clear understanding. The table below will help you understand the differences.

Manufacturers’ Warranty

Extended Auto Warranty

This warranty comes with the purchase of your new car.

You can buy this warranty after your manufacturer’s warranty ends. 

Only specific components of the vehicle get covered.

It covers important parts of your vehicle broadly. 

In most instances, this warranty cannot be extended.

If satisfied, you can extend the policy after its initial term.

An extended auto warranty can be beneficial to protect your vehicle in the long run. Additionally, extended warranties come with many other benefits and assure you peace of mind knowing that your car is safe for the future. 


An extended auto warranty policy ensures to keep your car running for several miles in the future. Additionally, you get several other benefits if you opt for the right plan. So don’t hesitate any longer. 

Take the time to research, understand, and compare the options available to select the right extended warranty that suits your needs and provides the coverage and peace of mind you seek as a vehicle owner. Go ahead and opt for your free quote from Consumera today.


What Is An Extended Auto Warranty?

An extended auto warranty, sometimes called a vehicle or extended service contract, is a protection plan fo

Is An Extended Warranty Worth It?

An extended warranty is worth considering if your car is not highly reliable and you may need help to afford significant repair costs at this time. It is advised to carefully consider your circumstances and the warranty’s terms before deciding.

What Is The Best-Extended Auto Warranty Company?

The best-extended auto warranty depends on several elements, including your needs, finances, and desired level of coverage. Some well-known extended auto warranty companies are Endurance, CARCHEX, Olive, and CarShield.

What Does An Extended Auto Warranty Cover?

An extended auto warranty covers various maintenance and repairs for different parts and systems in your car. This coverage may cover the engine, gearbox, drive axle, suspension, electrical systems, air conditioning, heating, cooling system, fuel system, steering, braking system, exhaust system, and high-tech components. 

Can We Buy An Extended Auto Warranty Later?

Yes, you can typically buy an extended auto warranty later, even after your original manufacturer’s warranty has expired. However, the cost of the extended warranty may increase as your vehicle gets older, and there may be restrictions on the maximum mileage or age of the vehicle for which you can purchase coverage.

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