Tesla Solar Reviews

If you are looking for aesthetically pleasing solar products with long warranties, Tesla Energy is an excellent option. Recent Tesla solar reviews have been pretty decent overall, but consumer feedback has been negative, especially before 2020.

In particular, the Tesla Powerwall and solar shingles have gotten a lot of publicity and interest because they are sleek and innovative products. However, Tesla’s solar power products remain well known that the Powerwall is nearly synonymous with solar batteries.

prosPerks :

  • Uses some Tesla solar products, including the Powerwall 2 storage battery
  • Offers both low-profile solar panels and Tesla solar roof tiles
  • Has sleek products that are aesthetically pleasing
  • Provides an industry-leading warranty
  • Tesla manufactures many of its products domestically, including solar panels and batteries
  • Ensures the lowest cost for solar with a price-match guarantee
  • Offers financing options but requires a 10% or more downpayment (unlike other installers that have a $0 down option)
  • Has a referral program for friends and family

consDrawbacks :

  • Has low consumer reviews regarding after-sales support
  • Sometimes uses third-party installers in certain areas

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Our Opinion

Tesla manufactures high-quality, sleek solar energy equipment and is a trusted name in the industry. However, the Tesla solar reviews are mixed, with most customers either being thrilled or else disappointed.

Tesla Solar Products and Services

Tesla offers high quality products and services that are listed below:

Tesla Solar Panels

Tesla offers low-profile 400-watt solar panels that are 20.4% efficient. They feature an all-black appearance and anodized aluminum alloy frames. This product includes a 25-year power warranty and a 12.5-year inverter warranty, and its lifespan is likely similar. Tesla manufactures many of its solar cells and panels in Buffalo, New York, in its 1.2 million-square-foot Gigafactory 2.


Tesla Solar Roof

This product combines a roofing product and solar energy production, resulting in a very well-integrated solar roof. It includes a 35-year warranty, is known for exceptional durability, and will likely have a lifespan of 35 years or more. However, Tesla solar tiles are not as efficient as traditional solar panels, so it isn’t ideal when space is limited.

Tesla solar roof vs. solar panels

Solar roofs make the most sense when aesthetics are a high priority, or the home needs a new roof. Because the product combines a roof membrane and PV cells in a single product, it is more expensive than using PV panels. Also, it has higher installation costs and is less efficient than solar panels. However, solar roofs act as both a roof and produce solar energy, providing two benefits and are highly durable.


Other Features

In addition to solar roofs and panels, Tesla has a full line of solar power equipment.

Powerwall (Energy Storage)

The Tesla Powerwall 2 is the most popular residential storage battery on the market. This wall-mounted lithium-ion battery has a sleek appearance and provides emergency power during grid outages. Unlike a backup generator, batteries are very quiet during operation and don’t consume fossil fuels. 

Tesla batteries are manufactured in the Gigafactory in Nevada and include a 10-year product warranty. It is also possible to add a Powerwall to an existing solar energy system and keep the same inverter and solar panels.

Tesla Solar Inverter 

This inverter converts direct current (DC) power to alternating current (AC) for use by household appliances. And Tesla solar products are designed for seamless integration with each other, so there won’t be any compatibility issues between various equipment.

Tesla Solar App

Tesla Solar app enables solar array owners to monitor real-time and historical solar production data from a mobile app. However, Tesla does not provide web-based monitoring from a desktop or laptop.

Tesla State Availability

Tesla products are available across the United States, but the company may use third-party contractors to install its solar energy systems.

Tesla Solar Warranty

Tesla offers excellent warranties for its solar energy equipment, including a 10-year comprehensive warranty and a 25-year solar panel production warranty. This covers all the major components, including the solar inverters and batteries. These warranties are longer than is standard in the industry. For example, some inverters come with a mere 5-year warranty.

Tesla Solar Cost

The best way to get an accurate estimate and a quote for Tesla home solar system is to use the calculator tool on the Tesla website. It takes your location and electricity bills into account and includes installation costs. Therefore, the online tool adjusts the pricing information based on your home’s electricity needs.

It also takes weather data into account because this impacts solar electricity production. For example, a solar system in Arizona, Georgia, or Florida will have great winter energy production typically than a solar system that is further north because the days are shorter that time of year.

Want to learn more about solar panels for your home? Get started with a free quote.


Tesla Payment Options

Tesla has a cash and financing option for its customer. However, unlike many other large solar companies, Tesla does not offer solar leases or power purchase agreements (PPAs), which means that the systems are eligible for the federal tax credit.

Tesla Financing

For Tesla customers that obtain financing, they will own their solar panel system because Tesla doesn’t offer any other ownership models. However, that means you can take advantage of the federal solar tax credit if you meet eligibility requirements. Solar financing agreements involve making regular payments for a solar loan until the loan period ends.

Cash Purchase

Another option is to pay for your Tesla system using cash. Cash purchases do not require credit checks and are also potentially eligible for the solar tax credits.


Tesla offers a “Solar Price Match Guarantee,” which ensures that Tesla solar system owners will get a great deal on a solar power system.

In addition, Tesla systems are eligible for a solar tax credit for 26% of the total system cost in 2022 or 22% of the system cost in 2023. In addition, some utility companies and states offer additional incentives. For example, Massachusetts offers a declining block incentive program, and New York has a state solar incentive program through NYSERDA.

Tesla Referral Program

Tesla Energy offers a $500 referral for solar roofs and $300 for solar panel systems upon permission to operate. Tesla tracks the referrals using a link and the Tesla Energy app.

How does Tesla’s installation process work?

To begin the process, place your solar system order on the Tesla website. Then, you will be able to help customize the system, such as the solar panel layout. Tesla Energy will then install the system and handle all the required permits and inspections.

Tesla Solar Customer Service

Tesla Energy receives mixed reviews for its customer service, especially regarding post-installation support. Some customer complaints said the system was installed months prior but hadn’t received interconnection approval, so they weren’t receiving credits for the solar energy on their utility bills. 

Tesla bought out Solar City, and its customer service did seem to improve after that, but not dramatically.

Tesla: Key Details

Let’s examine some helpful information about Tesla Energy, so you can make an informed decision when selecting a solar energy installer.

  • Durability/Warranty : 10-year comprehensive warranty and a 25-year panel performance warranty
  • USP : Offers innovative and sleek Tesla solar products, including solar shingles and the Powerwall, with excellent warranties
  • Avg. Installation Cost : Varies by location and the size of the system, but the website has an online estimate tool
  • Payment Options : Cash or financings, requires at least 10% down with financing (assuming excellent credit)
  • Service Types : Solar energy systems, solar systems with battery storage, add-on batteries

Company Information

Parent Organisation
Tesla, Inc.
Company Type
Publicly traded (NASDAQ:TSLA)
Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning
Elon Musk
Year of Establishment
2003 (Tesla Inc.), 2015 (Tesla Energy)
Years in Business
Austin, TX

State Availability - All states

Tesla: Consumer Ratings

Tesla Energy reviews are mixed and the company has received a mediocre raring overall.

Review Platform No. of Reviews Rating
Yelp 198
1.5 / 5
4.2 / 5
Pissed Consumer 60
1.8 / 5
Consumer Affairs 353
3.6 / 5
Solar Reviews 796
3 / 5

Based on consumers’ reviews and complaints, it seems like Tesla Energy either does an outstanding job or else drops the ball. Therefore, it has a lot of 1 and 5-star reviews. However, its products have a strong reputation, come with solid warranties, and are manufactured in the United States. The warranty is only as valid as the company behind it, and some customer complaints revolve around repair issues and delays.

Tesla certainly has sleek-looking products, like all-black solar panels and solar roof shingles. Likewise, the Powerwall is extremely popular among consumers due to its capacity, versatility, and slender design. If you are a satisfied customer, the Tesla referral program is a great way to help slow climate change and be rewarded for spreading the word about Tesla Energy.

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Author :

Sarah Lozanova

Sarah Lozanova is an renewable energy journalist and copywriter and is the author of Humane Home: Easy Steps for Sustainable & Green Living. Her renewable energy experience includes residential and commercial solar energy installations and utility-scale wind farms. She also taught green business classes to graduate students at Unity College and holds an MBA in sustainable management from the Presidio Graduate School.

Tesla Solar FAQs

Are Tesla Solar Panels Worth It?

Tesla offers sleek solar panels that have an efficiency of 20.4% and has service availability across all 50 states. The competitive pricing of these solar panels makes them an attractive choice.

Who Makes Tesla Solar Panels?

Until as recently as 2020, Tesla was in partnership with Panasonic to manufacture its solar cells. Later, the production seems to be in the hands of Hanwha Q Cells. However, in 2021, Tesla stated that it would be manufacturing its own solar panels, possibly in its Gigafactory 2.

Why Is Tesla Solar So Cheap?

Tesla is a popular and recognizable brand. Owing to the popularity of the brand, people identify Tesla easily in comparison to some of the other solar power companies.

Another reason could be that the raw materials required for the hardware is cheap and Tesla has the means to marginally lower its installation costs and other surcharges. The company’s other ventures have the financial standing to cover the spillover.

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

On average, solar panels have a lifespan of 25 years.

How Long Is The Wait For Tesla Solar Panel Installation?

Depending on your location, the installation process can take from one week to six months. The timeline may vary depending on local permissions and utility timelines.

How Long Until Tesla Solar Pays For Itself? (include roof and panel)

Your solar product – panel, roof, battery, the Powerwall, etc., will start paying for themselves eventually. The time it may take to actually do so depends on various factors – your home’s location, the way it’s facing, the slants of your roof, seasons, etc.

Other factors that may influence the pay-off time are the size of your home, the tearing-off and the installation of a new roof, and your monthly energy consumption. With all these factors in play, it may take close to 30 years for the payoff. However, this figure is not definitive and is subject to change depending on the above factors.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Tesla Solar Shingles?

One clear disadvantage is the cost. If you want to install a Tesla Solar Roof, you need to remove your existing one. So, apart from the costs, you’ll incur for a solar system, you’d also have to pay for tearing off your roof.

Another drawback is the comparatively lower return of investment that Tesla’s Solar Roof offers compared to solar panels despite costing significantly higher.

How Efficient Are Tesla Solar Panels?

The efficiency ratings of Tesla’s solar panel models range from 19.3% to 20.6%. These figures are impressive; however, there are higher-efficiency models available.

How Do I Clean My Solar Panels?

While cleaning your solar panels is not mandatory per se, not doing so may hamper their efficiency. The cleaning itself is simple enough; you can hose it down in case of dust build-up or scrub it with a soft cloth and mild soap if it’s a stickier mess. 

Or if you’re wary or don’t want to do it yourself, you can arrange for them to get serviced by a professional.

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