SunPower Reviews

It offers a range of home solar energy systems with and without batteries and SunPower reviews from customers are overwhelmingly positive. Its installations feature SunPower solar panels and equipment and come with an industry-leading warranty for 25 years. 

prosPerks :

  • Uses its own high-efficiency solar panels, batteries, and inverters
  • Provides a 25-year labor & solar equipment warranty
  • Offers flexible financing with $0 downpayment
  • Known for excellent customer service
  • Leads the solar industry in sustainability

consDrawbacks :

  • Has higher costs than some companies that use lower-cost solar equipment

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Our Opinion

SunPower is a trusted name within the solar energy industry largely due to its high-quality solar panels. Unlike most installers, SunPower has its line of solar energy equipment with Maxeon Solar Technologies, and its solar panels are some of the most efficient on the market. 

The company uses local certified solar contractors to complete its installations that handle the design, permits, installation, and repairs. To become part of the network of solar installers, local contractors complete special training with SunPower and must meet its selection criteria. 

SunPower was founded in 1985, so it has a long history in the solar energy industry. Its headquartered in San Jose, California and its solar manufacturing plants are located in the United States, France, Malaysia, Mexico, and the Philippines. SunPower operates globally and installs solar energy systems in all fifty states. In addition, the company offers some of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry for 25 years, along with lucrative financing programs and solar leases, enabling you to go solar for $0 upfront.

SunPower Products: Home Solar Systems & Storage

SunPower produces a full line of residential and light commercial solar energy equipment, including photovoltaic solar panels, energy storage batteries, inverters, and mounting hardware. Its products are designed to work seamlessly together for optimum clean energy production.

SunPower Equinox

Known for producing more solar electricity in less space, the following suite of solar energy products is designed to work together to create a complete home energy solution:


Maxeon Solar Cells

Created with optimum energy production in mind throughout the lifespan of the system, Maxeon cells maximize solar energy output while minimizing solar cell degradation over time. This feature enhances the power performance of the modules over the life of its products.

SunPower Solar Panels

SunPower produces five lines of solar energy panels- M-Series, A-Series, X-Series, E-Series, and P-Series, which contain Maxeon cells. Several of these lines are known for being some of the most energy-efficient solar panels in the market, producing more power in a given space.

Thus, these solar modules are ideal when space is limited. Also, its products offer excellent 25-year power performance guarantees, ensuring the panels will produce well for years to come. In addition, the SunPower flexible solar panel is ideal for portable power, like camping trips, but is not commonly used for rooftop solar installations.



This residential racking system is designed to install rooftop solar energy systems with SunPower panels. The rail-based racking system works with various sloped roofs and is known for design flexibility and aesthetics.

Built-in Micro Inverters

Inverters convert the electricity produced from the solar panels (DC power) for use in homes (AC power). SunPower solar panels feature built-in micro-inverters on each module instead of having a separate wall-mounted inverter for the whole unit, saving space. In addition, these SunPower inverters help boost overall solar system performance while minimizing the impacts of shading.


Sunpower SunVault Storage

The SunPower battery storage system enables you to store solar energy during power outages or when electricity rates are highest (in areas with time-of-use rates from the utility company). This whole-house backup solution reduces dependency on the power grid and seamlessly integrates with the SunPower Equinox system.

Other Features

SunPower has two digital tools to get a free solar quote in minutes or monitor the solar panels and battery from a mobile app.

SunPower Design Studio

This tool helps you get a free solar quote after entering some basic information about the home without the salesperson’s visit. The SunPower Design Studio creates a custom design by examining the roof, detecting obstructions, and analyzing the surrounding environment. If your energy requirement increases and creates a requirement for additional solar panels, this tool allows you to edit the design.

You can add more solar panels to the design later if your home electricity usage increases.

mySunPower App

You can easily view your solar energy production, battery storage levels, or utility bill savings with this simple app that integrates everything into a single portal. 

Sunpower State Availability

SunPower products are available across the United States

SunPower Warranty

The entire solar energy system is protected by a SunPower Complete Confidence warranty for 25 years, including the solar panels, inverter, racking system, and labor. The company handles all the warranties under a single roof, potentially saving money if repairs are needed. 

The solar equipment warranties are provided through various manufacturers with other solar energy companies, and the installer typically guarantees its work for several years. Although other solar companies offer warranties, there can be issues resulting in the customer paying for the labor and shipping broken equipment back. 

SunPower Cost

The cost of a solar panel system depends on its capacity and if there is a battery storage system. Typically, solar systems without batteries range between $3.12 and $3.74 per watt installed. A 6 kW system would range between $18,720 and 22,440 before incentives like the federal tax credit.

Type of system


Without Batteries

$3.12 – $3.74 (per watt)

6kW System

$18,720 – $22,440 (before incentives)

However, obtaining a quote for a solar system on your home is the best way to get an accurate price. Using the SunPower Design Studio is the easiest way to get started.


Let’s imagine you’re thinking about getting 80% of your energy from solar power. In that case, your system could potentially produce 649.8 kWh of solar energy!

What does this mean for you? Well, you might just find yourself pocketing an extra $109.75 every month due to smaller energy bills. But that’s not all! Taking this step also means you’d be a friend to the environment by helping to prevent as much as 1 Ton of harmful carbon dioxide emissions. How amazing is that!

In summary, going solar can mean saving money and looking out for our environment. What a win-win situation!

SunPower Payment Options

With SunPower, there are three main ways to pay for the installation: pay cash, obtain $0 down financing, or lease your solar panels. The second two options involve making payments to SunPower over time.


A federal tax credit is available for the solar installation at your primary or secondary residence. The tax credit for systems installed in 2022 is 26% of the total system cost and 22% of the system cost in 2023. However, you are not eligible for the federal solar tax credit if you lease a solar energy system instead of buying or financing it.

Therefore, a $20,000 solar system installed in 2022 could qualify for a $5,200 tax credit. In contrast, the same system installed in 2023 could qualify for a $4,400 credit. Unfortunately, unless extended, the tax credit will end in 2024. Speak with a tax expert to ensure you can take advantage of this valuable solar incentive. 

In addition, some electric utility companies and state & local governments offer additional solar incentives. Refer to the DSIRE database for information about incentives in your area. Also, SunPower offers a $1,000 Visa Rewards Card for AAA members in the Northeast, SoCal, and Colorado.

How does SunPower’s installation process work?

The solar installation process begins by you receiving a solar estimate and connecting with a local solar installer of the SunPower network. If needed, you can apply for financing and receive a proposal for your customized solar energy system. From there, the company’s local wing will handle everything from design to permits and making the final connection.

SunPower Solar Customer Service

Besides excellent quality solar equipment, SunPower is also known for exceptional customer service. For the installation, the company assigns local contractors trained and vetted by SunPower to have a firm grip on the quality of services.

SunPower: Key Details

Let’s look at what sets SunPower apart so you can decide if it’s a good fit for your home.

  • Durability/Warranty : Complete 25-year warranty including labor and all components
  • USP : High-efficiency solar panels, industry-leading warranty
  • Avg. Installation Cost : Between $18,720 and 22,440 for a 6 kW system before incentives, $0 down solar leases
  • Payment Options : Cash or obtain financing through SunPower
  • Service Types : Residential and light-commercial solar systems, battery backup

Company Information

Company Type
Public company
Richard Swanson (retired)
Peter Faricy
Year of Establishment
Years in Business
San Jose, California
Customer Service Number

State Availability - All states

SunPower: Consumer Ratings

Examine what existing customers think of SunPower to get a sense of its customer service. 

Review Platform No. of Reviews Rating
BBB 1190
4.3 / 5
Trust Pilot 12
1.9 / 5
Pissed Consumer 15
1.3 / 5
Site Jabber 6
5 / 5
Consumer Affairs 388
4.6 / 5
Solar Reviews 1149
4.6 / 5

SunPower has a reputation for having a detailed product range and reliable customer service. Most negative reviews usually are related to it being a big company and some customers feeling lost in the shuffle. However, the vast majority of reviews are positive.

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Author :

Sarah Lozanova

Sarah Lozanova is an renewable energy journalist and copywriter and is the author of Humane Home: Easy Steps for Sustainable & Green Living. Her renewable energy experience includes residential and commercial solar energy installations and utility-scale wind farms. She also taught green business classes to graduate students at Unity College and holds an MBA in sustainable management from the Presidio Graduate School.

SunPower FAQs

Which is better: Sunrun or SunPower?

Sun Power produces highly efficient panels for larger solar markets and has expanded into other businesses. On the contrary, Sunrun is the industry leader in the PPA solar sector and focuses on the residential solar business.
However, it’s difficult to choose a winner since both companies are significant players in the solar market and have established a reputation by providing quality products in the States.

Is SunPower going out of business?

No, Sunpower has announced that the company will split into two, where SunPower will continue to distribute generation energy services. The other one, Maxeon Solar Technologies, will focus on manufacturing solar panels.

How do I file for the tax credit I received after installing a solar system?

You must fill the IRS form 5695 with your tax return. The residential solar credit is scheduled to expire in 2023. If you’re considering adding solar panels to your property, now is the time to do so. However, installing solar panels on rental homes does not qualify for the residential solar credit.

How long do SunPower solar panels last?

SunPower claims that its solar panels last for about 40 years. However, the average life of solar panels is around 25-30 years.

Can I add more solar panels to my SunPower system?

Yes, SunPower allows you to add more panels, and to do so, it also offers a few upgrading options, which you can read in detail in your agreement.

What happens at the end of a SunPower lease?

You can either extend your lease or request the system removal when your lease reaches its end. If you don’t request any of these, your lease will be renewed automatically every month.

Are SunPower and Maxeon the same company?

Yes, they belong to the same company. SunPower distributes energy services, while Maxeon Solar Technologies focuses on manufacturing solar panels.

When did Maxeon spin off from SunPower?

Maxeon Solar Technologies spun off from SunPower on August 27, 2020.

Does SunPower still make solar panels?

After the split, SunPower does not manufacture solar panels, but its other services are the same as earlier.

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