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Sunnova Energy is a national residential solar installer offering services in most parts of the country. Many customers consider the company reliable and robust, but some Sunnova reviews suggest that the quality of its services is not up to the mark. 

prosPerks :

  • Long hours of operation, including Saturdays and Sundays
  • Operates in 37 states and territories
  • Offers solar financing options, including solar leases
  • Provides solar protection plans available up to 25 years
  • Provides installation of Level II electric vehicle (EV) chargers

consDrawbacks :

  • Contracts offered are expensive and long-term
  • Buyout option not available for customers

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Our Opinion

Sunnova offers some compelling features for its customers, such as $0 down financing options for interested customers, lucrative offers, and services on weekends and late evenings, among others.

The company’s business model involves creating a long-term relationship with the customers due to the solar lease agreement or the 25-year solar product warranty. While this offers a long-term solution for customers, a lengthy contract can create hurdles to ending their contract in the cases of dissatisfied customers.  

Unfortunately, the customer service reviews have been mixed for Sunnova on most review sites. In particular, the after-sales support has low reviews. Also, the company usually doesn’t provide much pricing information, and solar panels’ cost varies by location. Therefore, it is advisable for the customers to thoroughly research about the services offered in the respective areas before finalizing the company.

Sunnova Solar Products and Services

This solar company offers a variety of clean energy solutions for your home, including residential solar panels, battery storage, and EV chargers, such as:

Go solar

Sunnova Energy installs residential solar power systems with Tier 1 solar panels. Also, the systems involve monitoring from a computer or mobile app for system performance, so you’ll know how much energy your panels are producing and how much you’re saving on your electric bills.


Go solar with Battery

In addition to Go Solar, Sunnova also installs solar systems with battery storage, such as Tesla solar storage batteries. These systems are an excellent way to have power during grid outages and store your solar energy later.


Sunnova works with homebuilders and other third parties to install renewable energy systems on new construction. This step helps improve the customer experience because the solar panel system can be ready when the home is, limiting the disruption of installing a rooftop solar system.


Other Features

Because Sunnova offers other clean energy options, it can help create a solution beyond solar panels including energy storage and home EV charging.

Add-on Solar Battery Storage

Because Sunnova’s Tesla solar batteries can be an add-on feature to prepare for power outages. These batteries protect you from blackouts by supplying emergency power without relying on a noisy generator.

EV Charger

Sunnova installs Level II EV chargers, enabling you to charge from home quickly. Combining EV charging with solar energy production reduces greenhouse gas emissions associated with driving. Because Level I chargers tend to be really slow, many homeowners choose to upgrade to Level II home chargers, which typically require an electrician to install the equipment.

Sunnova Solar State Availability 

Sunnova operates in the following states –

Sunnova Warranty

Sunnova provides a 20-year installation warranty and a 25-year solar equipment warranty for greater peace of mind. Therefore, you don’t need to budget for potential solar system repairs.

Sunnova Cost

Because Sunnova operates in many different states, the cost of a Sunnova solar system varies by location, and it is necessary to contact the company directly for an exact quote. Although the website doesn’t generate ballpark price estimates, it is possible to request a call back from a representative.


Sunnova Payment Options

There are three ways to go solar for $0 with Sunnova. You can get financial assistance with $0 down to own your solar system. Purchasing the solar system would mean that you could be eligible for the federal tax credit associated with the system.

The other two options entail entering a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or a Solar Lease Agreement with Sunnova. Because you wouldn’t own the solar panels, you would not be eligible for the solar tax credit and other incentive programs with this option. 

These options will involve running a credit check, and the solar company may not extend these options to households with low credit scores.

Also, some Sunnova customers report issues with selling their homes when they do not own the solar panels. Selling a home may involve either signing over the lease to the new homeowner or ending the lease altogether. Still, these can be complicated options if the company is slow to respond (according to some reviews).


New Sunnova solar + battery storage customers can get a Visa® Reward Card worth up to $850 for purchases or equipment leases. When adding the Tesla storage battery could make you eligible for a $250 Visa® Reward Card.

Also, there is a federal tax credit available for solar installations on primary or secondary residences. The solar tax credit for PV systems installed in 2022 is 26% of the total system cost and 22% in 2023. 

However, you will not be eligible for the federal tax credit if you lease your solar equipment instead of buying or financing it. In addition, there are some state incentive and utility rebate programs available throughout the United States, but these programs vary widely by location.

How does Sunnova’s installation process work?

The process begins by speaking with a Sunnova representative. Next, someone will come to your home to conduct a site survey and complete a proposal. If you are interested in receiving financing assistance, such as a lease or a Sunnova solar loan, the process will involve a credit check. 

They will handle the required permits and utility interconnection approval from the utility company. Once you sign a contract with Sunnova, it usually takes between one and 12 months before they install your solar panels and the system is turned on. 

Sunnova Solar Customer Service

Customer reviews for Sunnova are mixed, where it has got positive comments on product quality and initial services, but has poor reviews for after-sales support and length of warranty.

Sunnova: Key Details

Let’s examine some critical information about Sunnova that you should know before investing in its products:

  • Durability/Warranty : 20-years on installation, 25-years on all solar equipment (regardless of the warranty provided by the equipment manufacturer)
  • USP : The company has long hours of operation, including weekend and evening hours, and provides a 25-year warranty
  • Avg. Installation Cost : The cost varies by location, and Sunnova offers some $0 leases and PPAs
  • Payment Options : Cash or option to obtain financing through Sunnova, $0 down Sunnova PPAs and solar leases
  •  Service Types : Solar energy system, solar systems with battery storage, add-on batteries

Company Information

Company Type
Publicly traded (NYSE: NOVA)
John Berger
John Berger
Year of Establishment
Years in Business
Houston, TX
Customer Service Number

State Availability - All except Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming

Sunnova: Consumer Ratings

Let’s explore ratings so you can get a sense of Sunnova’s customer service and solar industry reputation.

Review Platform No. of Reviews Rating
Google 2,392
4.1 / 5
Yelp 145
1 / 5
BBB 239
2.3 / 5
Trust Pilot 579
3.9 / 5
Solar Reviews 436
2.4 / 5

Unfortunately, Sunnova reviews are pretty mixed. There are more 1-star reviews than 4 and 5-star reviews on some review sites, where some complaints mentioned issues such as roof leaks caused by the solar panel installation or delayed home sales from solar leasing issues. However, the reviews on Google and Trust Pilot were much higher than the BBB, Solar Reviews, and Yelp ratings. 

Also, because one of the key selling points of a Sunnova energy system is the 25-year warranty, it raises issues about how responsive the company will be to making repairs. Another concerning issue is how a solar PPA or lease could delay or potentially prevent the sale of your home, especially if Sunnova drops the ball (as described in many reviews).

Our Methodology

We are committed to providing you with a thorough and unbiased review of the company in question. Therefore, we research, compare, and analyze products, services, and consumer reviews. We intend to help you increase your chances of getting the solar panels that suit your exclusive needs through this process. We evaluate providers on the following grounds-


Author :

Sarah Lozanova

Sarah Lozanova is an renewable energy journalist and copywriter and is the author of Humane Home: Easy Steps for Sustainable & Green Living. Her renewable energy experience includes residential and commercial solar energy installations and utility-scale wind farms. She also taught green business classes to graduate students at Unity College and holds an MBA in sustainable management from the Presidio Graduate School.

Sunnova Solar FAQs

Which Is Better: SunPower Or Sunnova?

Two big names in the solar power industry, SunPower and Sunnova, both are considerable choices depending on your requirement. SunPower is one of the oldest solar energy providers in the game, while the latter will complete 10 years this year. In terms of options, SunPower emerges as the winner as it offers multiple solar panels and designs to its customers. However, Sunnova has an edge over it in terms of pricing.

Is Sunnova Legit?

Yes, Sunnova is a legitimate solar energy provider. Founded in 2012, the company has fast grown to be one of the reputable solar companies in the market.

What Panels Does Sunnova Use?

Sunnova manufactures and offers highly efficient monocrystalline solar panels for residential use.

How Do I File For The Tax Credit I Received After Installing A Solar System?

To claim the federal tax credit for installing solar-powered systems at your residence, you’ll need to fill out and add IRS Form 5695 while filing your tax return for the year. You’ll have to calculate the credit on Part 1 of the form and enter the amount on 1040.

How Long Do Sunnova Solar Panels Last?

On average, solar panels are built to last for a minimum of 25 years. However, on the off chance that you face a repair, Sunnova recommends its Sunnova Protect Platinum plan to safeguard all the parts of your home’s solar system.

How To Pay My Sunnova Bill?

Sunnova accepts multiple payment methods. You can pay your Sunnova bill online on the MySunnova customer portal. You can also pay using your current bank account, credit or debit card, or by ACH (automated payments). You’ll be eligible for discounts if you use ACH to make your payments.

Can I Pay Off My Solar And Roof Loan Early?

Yes. Sunnova accepts partial or full prepayments on solar and roof loans without charging any penalty.

Can I Cancel My Sunova Solar Energy Plan?

Yes, you can cancel your Sunnova Solar Energy plan within the cancellation period. The cancellation period tends to be 7 days in most cases, however, it would be best for you to check your contract for the exact details.

Who Is The Top-rated Solar Company?

There is not one but many top solar energy companies players in the solar energy industry – SunPower, Sunnova, Momentum, Sunrun, and more. All of them offer long-term warranties, energy-efficient products, different solar products, and more in general. However, not all of them may serve in your state or area of residence, so, check the local reviews or conduct thorough research to find the best fit for you.

Is Sunnova Owned By Sunrun?

No, Sunrun doesn’t own Sunnova. They are two separate solar energy providers.

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