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Last Updated : June 29, 2020

Vivint Smart Home

Vivint Smart Home is the premier smart home technology provider in North America. Having served over 1.5 million customers across the United States, Vivint is committed to redefining the home experience with smart services and products.

Well-equipped with over 10,000 trained and skilled professionals, the company aims to help families “live intelligently'' in smarter and safer homes. The highlights of Vivint are home security & automation. They also offer a Car Guard service to extend security to your vehicle. 

The specifications of the Vivint Car Guard include GPS, 4G LTE cell, accelerometer, location tracking, DTC notices, trip statistics, and a product protection plan.

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Why Choose Vivint Smart Home?

Vivint is a place where security meets smart technology. Having been in the industry since 1999, Vivint are specialists in home automation and home security. 

Vivint products are of the highest quality and can cater to your unique needs. They employ built-in machine learning (ML) features to automate home temperature settings while optimizing users’ comfort and improving energy efficiency. 

Vivint’s security products can be controlled using the Vivint Smart Home app. This app is compatible with Philips Hue and Amazon Echo and is rated 4.6 stars in Google Play and App stores. They let the user watch live video feeds, receive alerts & notifications, monitor security cameras, manage climate controls & lighting, operate door locks, etc. 

Why Choose Vivint Smart Home?

Vivint Home Security Plans and Products

Vivint offers a range of security products to customers. These include:


  •  Smart Locks
  •  Smoke Alarm
  •  Water Sensor
  •  CO Detector
  •  Burglary Detector


  •  Outdoor Camera
  •  Doorbell Camera
  •  Ping Camera
  •  Playback DVR


  •  Smart Hub
  •  Google Home
  •  Amazon Echo
  •  Philips Hue
  •  Nest & Element Thermostat

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Final Word

Vivint is a one-stop shop for home automation and security solutions. They focus on assisting customers in achieving smarter and safer homes at an affordable price by harnessing the power of the latest technologies. Driven by goals, Vivint works toward customer satisfaction. Besides continuous monitoring and customer support, the team provides free in-home consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

The Vivint Smart Home app is quite easy to use. It sends alerts and notifications directly to your smartphone and lets you control your home security system from anywhere. It can also be coupled with Vivint Playback to help you view the previous month’s video footage. To use the app, download it from Google Play or app Store and follow the setup instructions. Log in to view live footage, check security notifications, automate tasks, or talk to Vivint customer support. Each family member can have an individual account and access the app.

Amazon smart speakers like Echo Dot, Echo, etc. work with the Vivint Smart home application. It allows you to manage daily tasks like arming the system, locking the doors, adjusting the temperature, turning on/off lights, etc. through voice control. Google Home also works seamlessly with Vivint systems. If your hands are busy, and your phone is out of reach, you can ask Google to adjust lighting, appliances, thermostats, or security systems.

Car Guard service extends security to your vehicle. It is integrated with the Vivint Smart Home app to alert you of suspected car tampering, towing, and to track your car’s location. It allows you to set boundaries and notifies you if your car crosses them. In addition, it notifies you about mechanical issues and sends car maintenance reminders.

Nest Thermostat, when integrated with the Vivint system, adds more convenience and comfort. It uses smart home devices and sensors in the Vivint system to adjust the temperature while you are at home or away from it. The Nest Thermostat will keep you updated about the automatic change in temperature. It will let you adjust the temperature by using the app, voice commands, or by manually turning the outer ring of the thermostat.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an odorless and undetectable gas. It can cause death or serious health problems. Vivint systems use Carbon Monoxide detectors to alert you when it reaches threatening levels

The customer support representatives provide one-on-one free consultation. In addition, the professionals will help you install the smart security system and provide 24/7/365 monitoring.


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