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Last Updated : June 30, 2020

Link Interactive Security

In existence since 1952, Link Interactive is a seasoned traditional security service provider, headquartered in Utah. The company brings 70 years of monitoring experience to the table.

Link’s systems are customizable to various security needs while being simple-to-use and DIY-friendly. They don’t offer professional installation. Link Interactive also has many home automation products that integrate seamlessly with the home security products, thus enhancing your safety.

Link Interactive offers monthly home security packages at competitive prices with the flexibility of choosing between 1, 2 or 3 year-long contracts. Professional monitoring is provided in all the plans.

The packages come with a rate lock guarantee and equipment warranty for 3 years. There is a 30-day money refund guarantee and the company will even pay for return shipping, should you be dissatisfied.

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Year of Establishment
Emergency Support
Money-Back Guarantee
30 Days

Why Choose Link Interactive Security?

The easy installation process makes Link a worthy option for DIY-ers. The company provides simple, detailed installation videos as well as good support during and after installation. 

The sensors only require you to peel off the tape and stick them. Link Interactive Security does not compel consumers to purchase its systems if they already have home security products from a different company. 

The Takeover Program integrates them with Link’s own systems, providing automation and remote access.Link Interactive Security cameras use state-of-the-art technology to safeguard your home. Their doorbell cameras have motion sensors and voice communication through Link’s app Alarm.com. All the cameras use AI with video analytics to distinguish potential threats from everyday activities like deliveries and passers-by.

Why Choose Link Interactive Security?

Link Interactive Security Plans and Products

Link Interactive Security has three main plans for Home Protection. You can purchase as many other security devices as you deem necessary from their product catalog. The Standard Plan at $30.99 monthly, includes professional monitoring and life safety systems. Professional monitoring is done via cellular networks and relies on inputs from the Fire, Crash, Intrusion & Smash Alarms. The Gold Plan at $39.99 per month, adds Energy Management home automation services that can be controlled through the app or remote control. You can modulate your thermostat, turn on/off/dim the lights and arm/disarm the locks. The Elite Plan at $44.99 a month provides all of the above in addition to Video Analytics and HD monitoring.

Home Security

  • Premium Smart Home Panel
  •  Secondary Touchpad
  •  Tilt Sensor
  •  Door and Window Sensor
  •  Motion Sensor
  •  Outdoor Sensor
  •  Glass Break Sensor
  •  Image Motion Sensor
  •  Panic ButtonIQ Remote

Life Safety

  •  Smoke/Heat/Freeze Sensor
  •  CO Detector

Home Automation

  •  Premium Thermostat
  •  Garage Door Controller
  •  Smart LED Light Bulb
  •  Touchpad Deadbolt
  •  Touchscreen Deadbolt
  •  Lamp Module


  •  Outdoor Camera
  •  Indoor Camera
  •  Onsite Video Recorder-1TB
  •  Doorbell Camera

Disclaimer : Please note that these are the terms of a typical Home Security contract and that the terms of coverage of your contract may differ from what's mentioned on this page

Final Word

The company offers a range of security products, for the varying needs of homeowners. One could opt for an outdoor camera, or a motion sensor depending on the requirement. Make sure to always choose a plan that fits your budget and necessity only. Ultimately home security is needed for every home in one way or another.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Link interactive Security has a Takeover program specifically for such cases. You may be disappointed with your current security monitoring service but you may not want to purchase all new devices as the existing ones may be good enough. You can contact Link Interactive and request a plan under their Takeover program. They will switch you over from your current security service system and network to the Link interactive system. You will end up saving time and money while getting automation services and security monitoring only.

Link has a range of sensors that are vital for any comprehensive home security coverage. For safeguarding life and health, all the Link Interactive plans come with Carbon monoxide and Smoke/Heat/Freeze sensors. The Image Sensor detects heat; typically body heat thus making it ideal for when you aren’t at home. The Motion Sensors are triggered by heat to detect motion. They are designed to exclude pets from triggering the system. The Door and Window Sensors have magnets to detect the opening and closing of the doors of your home, cabinets, gates, etc.

If your burglar alarm sounds an alert, the monitoring station will first try to contact you over the 2-way communication channel in the alarm panel. Once you verify that you are alright by telling them the pre-set password, the alarm can be turned off. If there is a breakin and no response or wrong password, the emergency operator will dispatch an emergency services agency after disconnecting the call. They will also reach out to notify the people in your contact list. If you disarm the alarm after it sounds within a minute, it will be disregarded.

Most false alarms happen due to users making some errors. You may have loose-fitting doors and windows or children & pets may accidentally trigger the alarm. If you have cleaning or repair activities going on, the crew may trigger the alarm. Balloons, heaters, fans, etc. can also trigger motion sensors and set off an alarm. Sometimes you may have equipment failure due to which the alarm may be set off. This is why checking your systems and maintaining them is important. When installing the security system, ensure that you have followed the instructions properly and not calibrated the alarms wrong.

Link provides its remote access and monitoring services through Alarm.com. The system operates through cellular phones and does not rely on WiFi or ethernet. Thus it keeps an eye on your safety even through blackouts. The Link app provides each user added with a unique code so that you can see who arms or disarms the system as well as choose who would have restricted access.

Link Interactive has designed all its home automation products to work on Z-Wave technology. The company prefers it over other communication protocols such as Wifi and Bluetooth because Z-Wave consumes far less energy, has a better range & allows more devices to be connected. As this protocol is a network based on low-frequency radio signals, devices optimized to it are interoperable.


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