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Cove Security

Cove Security is one of the newest home security companies, launched after years of work into developing security solutions to bring peace of mind to consumers. Cove Home Security offers among the most convenient DIY home security products in the market. With installation time under 30 minutes and no long term contracts, Cove lives up to its stated objective of providing ease and efficiency to customers. 

Cove Security offers 24/7 professional monitoring through its six monitoring centers having professionally trained agents. They follow a three-step communication method to contact you when there are threats- LiveAssist, a 2-way communication channel built into the alarm panel, a text message with a Dismiss/Dispatch option, and a phone call to you or emergency services.

Cove Security Systems has a quick form to help you customize a personalized kit to suit your requirements. You can skip the form if you are already aware of your security requirements. 

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Year of Establishment
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Money-Back Guarantee
60 Days
Theft Guarantee Protection

Why Choose Cove Security?

Cove Security is one of the top choices for affordable home security systems. It offers an Economy Plan for purchasing its systems, with zero upfront cost. If you choose to retain the security system over 36 months, you effectively get it for free. If you decide to cancel early, you only have to pay the equipment cost and not the monitoring cost. With a 60-day money-back guarantee, Cove Home Security offers customers a no-questions-asked trial and return policy.

All the Cove Security Systems come with a lifetime guarantee. However, you have to opt for the Cove plus professional monitoring program to receive it. The Basic Plan also offers equipment guarantee but for a year. The Cove Plus Package offers a rate lock guarantee so that you can pay uniform rates throughout your product life cycle. Cove Systems is one of the few companies to provide a monthly $5 credit to be redeemed on future equipment purchases.

Cove has weaned away from the dependency on WiFi or ethernet networks, unlike a few traditional home security companies. Its Cove InstaText system sends alerts and notifications via your cell phone so that you don’t need the internet to keep your home secure.

Why Choose Cove Security?

Cove Security Products

Cove Security offers a wide range of security products to their customers.

Technical Features

  • Cove LiveAssist
  • Cove InstaText


  • Door Sensor
  • Motion Detector
  • Window Sensor
  • Flood Sensor
  • Smoke Detector
  • Glass Break Detector
  • CO Detector


  • Key Remote
  • Medical Button
  • YI Indoor Camera


  • Cove InstaText
  • Cove LiveAssist
  •  Professional Monitoring

Disclaimer : Please note that these are the terms of a typical Home Security contract and that the terms of coverage of your contract may differ from what's mentioned on this page

Final Word

Cove Security may only 2 years old, but they attempt to win consumer trust by offering the simplest returns and refund policy. They even promise to pay for the return shipping if consumers are dissatisfied with their security systems. Though they have a smaller catalog than some market players, Cove Security systems have all the basics covered. The products can fulfill the security needs of those looking for simple and uncomplicated systems. The LiveAssist feature present in the alarm panels quickens the response time by opening a direct communication channel with the monitoring company.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Yes, Cove provides free shipping on all its domestic orders. They may also allow product returns and refunds over the next 365 days if consumers are dissatisfied. Cove may pay the cost of return shipping.

The security products can be removed very easily if you want to mount them elsewhere. All you need to do is disarm the systems and use a butter knife or spatula to pull away the mounted device from the wall. You can stick the devices to the new surface after ensuring that it is clean and dry using new double-sided sticky tape. You should unplug the Cove Simple Panel and then press down the two side buttons to restart the panel. It will stay turned off since there is no power. When plugged into your new home it will help you with mounting the sensors. You should test the sensors. Be sure to inform Cove Monitoring Center of your address change.

Some municipalities require users to register their alarm systems to avoid false alarms. It may be mandatory for the alarm company to register the buyers with the municipality in which case, Cove will help. If the municipality website does not have registration information or forms, contact the municipal office or the police department.

Yes! As a very new player, Cove ensures that its systems are conducive to the integration with smart assistants. The Cove app can be operated using Google Assistant. If you find that it’s not working, try unlinking and relinking the app to the Assistant.

Cove’s Flood Sensors are meant to help you detect leaks that can result in residential floods. You can place them in the bathroom or kitchen, wherever there is running water. They notify you of temperature drops below 41 F as well as pipes can freeze and burst due to the water expansion. This saves you from expensive repairs and other troubles.

The Cove Medical Alert System takes into cognizance the needs of those requiring emergency medical services. The elderly or the infirm can wear the medical alert button around their neck as they move about will make it easy to get a rapid response. It is waterproof and therefore can be worn while in the shower but it does not detect falls yet.


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