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Last Updated : June 29, 2020

Abode Home Security

Abode Systems is a rising player in the US home security market, having been established in 2014. Abode aims to offer products and solutions that keep consumers safe while embodying simplicity- of design, functionality, and choice.

Abode Systems offer security kits as well as individual products. They have options for DIY installation as well as a professional installation program. The products are meant to facilitate home automation and are thus designed to be compatible with the Z-Wave or Zigbee wireless protocols and Alexa or Siri.

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Why Choose Abode Home Security?

Abode Systems’ professional and self-monitoring plans have 3-day, 7-day, and monthly subscription options. This makes Abode a good choice for renters or for those who want to go on a vacation. There are also no contracts.

Abode Security has a wide range of home security and automation products. They can all be integrated through Abode’s gateway and iota hubs to make an advanced smart home. It has an application, Cue, a smart home automation platform where one can connect all the devices. It lets you set up triggers and the corresponding automatic actions the devices are to perform. 

Why Choose Abode Home Security?

Abode Home Security Plans and Products

Abode Systems offers a Smart Security Kit that comes with a Basic, Secure or Connect Plan. The Basic Plan, at $179 only ships the kit while the Secure Plan, at $219 includes a year of cell backup. The Connect Plan, at $329 includes both in addition to professional monitoring.

The Smart Security Kit consists of the following components:

  • Abode Gateway
  • Key Fob
  • Motion Sensor
  • Mini door/window sensor
  • Android / iOS app

The Abode Gateway is the company’s systems hub or central control unit which connects across to a huge list of compatible devices as well as every Abode security item you purchase.

Abode also offers its special iota Smart Security Kit that comes with 3 plan variants- Basic, at $299, ships only the kit; Secure Plan, at $339 includes a year of cell backup with the kit; Connect Plan, at $399 includes both in addition to professional monitoring. The difference between the kits is that iota’s hub has a built-in camera, siren and motion sensor. Both kits run over ethernet. The price of renewing Abode’s Secure Plan is $80 annually while the Connect Plan comes at $200 annually.

Door & Window Protection

  •  Door & Window Sensor
  •  Mini Door & Window Sensor
  •  Recessed Door & Window Sensor
  •  Acoustic Glass Break Sensor
  •  Slim Strip Sensor
  •  Vibration Glass Break Sensor

Cameras & Motion Sensors

  •  Wide-angle motion camera
  •  Abode Cam
  •  Outdoor Smart Camera
  •  Motion Sensor

Security Accessories

  •  Key Fob
  •  Water Leak Sensor
  •  Keypad
  •  Smoke Alarm Monitor
  •  Indoor & Outdoor Sirens
  •  Panic Button

Smart Home Accessories

  •  Smart Home Switch
  •  Occupancy Sensor

Disclaimer : Please note that these are the terms of a typical Home Security contract and that the terms of coverage of your contract may differ from what's mentioned on this page

Final Word

Though Abode’s security products are not the most affordable DIY options around, the company does make up for it. It enables numerous home integrations with AI assistants, and security protocols like Z-Wave, Zigbee Schlage, etc. The systems are easy to expand and can remain compatible with emerging technologies. Abode also gives you the option to customize your system according to your requirements. The kits are easy to install but the company offers professional installation as well. The 4G cellular backup connection can save you if your home internet is down. With regular updates and releases to stay abreast of changing technologies along with highly responsive customer support, Abode Home Security is a worthy option to consider.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Abode Home Security Systems offers several products that can help aging persons with their security needs. The iota hub and Abode cam facilitate 2-way voice communication and there is also HD video feed. There are panic buttons that can call for help from you or emergency support personnel. Alerts will be sent timely to notify you of doors opening and closing. If you choose professional monitoring plans, then Abode Security can respond to medical emergencies and ensure that help is on its way.

Abode security products are all compatible with Apple Homekit. Abode’s gateway can be controlled from the Apple Home app, allowing you to control all your smart devices from the same place. All the notifications from your Abode sensors, sirens etc. would show on the Apple Home app.

You can place the abode Cam anywhere you would like monitored with continuous video feed such as the front door, your baby’s room, etc. It will start recording when the alarm triggers it, sensing a threat. You can set the conditions to decide when the cameras should begin recording.

Abode systems offer professional-grade security services. They have stringent privacy standards to maintain. To keep your home safe at all times, Abode provides cell backup to ethernet, encrypts the data; especially over long-range transmission, and has good environmental support.

With 4G cellular backup of your ethernet connection, you will always have access to the video feed and monitoring centers. Abode’s kits come with SIM cards already installed so that the system automatically connects to the nearest cell tower. To insure against blackouts, Abode’s products and systems are built with a backup battery with a life of 5 hrs.

Abode sends regular email and cell phone alerts. If you are a subscriber to the Connect Plan, Abode alerts law enforcement for you if you choose so or you don’t respond to their verification calls. Android and iOS app access comes at no additional cost.


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