The Best Wireless Home Security Systems For 2020

Today, different types of home security systems are available in the market, of which wireless home security systems are widely used. With the growing demand for these systems, in recent times, many companies have sprung up like mushrooms and are claiming to offer the best wireless home security systems. However, choosing the best wireless system from the pool of systems can be challenging. To help you with the search, we have listed the top home wireless security systems. But before looking at the list, let’s quickly learn how these systems work and their benefits.

Best Wireless Home Security Systems

What Are Wireless Home Security Systems?

When a home security system is wireless, it means the system meets the below-mentioned conditions.

1. The system has no charging cords – A system is considered to be wireless if it has no charging cables as it works using batteries or another charging mechanism. However, in some cases it might require to be wired to another device or a home electrical system to communicate.

2. The security system communicates without wires – A system is regarded as wireless if it does not need to be connected through wires or physically into your home or to the rest of the system. And it communicates with other devices and monitoring services through cellular network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or radio frequencies.

How Does Wireless Security Systems Work?

Wireless alarm systems work by using radio frequencies such as Z-wave or sometimes a home security company’s personalized radio protocol, which allows your system’s sensors placed throughout your home to communicate with the hub or central control panel. The control panel then wirelessly communicates with the monitoring station using a cellular connection. This is known as cellular monitoring. Some panels may also use Wi-Fi as a backup.

Benefits Of Wireless Security Systems

Some of the advantages of a wireless home security system is as follows.

1. Easy To Install And Uninstall

The first and foremost advantage of wireless security systems is that it is easy to install and uninstall. You can install it without any help from professionals and also without drilling the walls.

2. Flexibility And Scalability

Wireless security systems have good scalability and flexibility. Whether you want to add another motion detector, camera, or add few door and window sensors, these systems let you do so without any hassle.

3. Easy Upgrades

Wireless home security systems are more future-proof than wired systems. If its components or the entire system breaks down or becomes outdated, you can replace them with the new ones without any trouble.

4. Affordability

Another benefit of a wireless system is that it is less expensive than a wired system. That is because these systems can be installed with any complicated procedure. On average, a good wireless alarm system is available for less than $200.

5. Smart Home Integration

Wireless home security solutions are becoming more and more compatible with smart home hubs. When a security system becomes compatible with smart products, you can easily arm and disarm the alarm. Not just this, you can also operate all of your smart home equipment in a centralized manner.

6. Battery Power

Another important benefit of wireless home security systems is their battery power. Unlike wired, these systems use batteries as their primary source of power or sometimes even as a backup. As a result, these security systems work when there is a power outage.

7. Wi-Fi And Cellular options

Home security systems that depend on a landline may stop functioning if the lines get cut or go down. But this is not the case with wireless systems as they use cellular networks, Wi-Fi, or wireless networks to interconnect and communicate with the monitoring center. Wireless systems that use a cellular connection can communicate effectively through power outages, storms, or downed lines, provided the cellular coverage in your area is strong enough.

8. More Secure

Since wireless systems do not include any wires they are more secure. That is, burglars or intruders cannot cut any wires that would prevent the security system from working normally. Also, since they work on batteries, they work despite a power outage and protect your home 24/7/365.

Now that you know their advantages let’s look at the companies providing the best wireless home security systems.

Best Wireless Home Security Systems

Some of the companies offering top wireless security systems are listed below.

1. ADT Wireless System

ADT is one of the leading companies offering wireless home security systems. Its systems are robust, flexible, and backed by 24/7 monitoring. ADT wireless systems work perfectly even when there is power loss. In the event where the system’s battery is low, a low-battery notification will be sent to the monitoring center, which will then notify you.

The added advantage of the ADT security system is that it lets you control your home using a mobile app even when you are away. That is, you can arm and disarm the system, receive notifications when the sensors are triggered, etc.

2. SimpliSafe Wireless System

SimpliSafe offers wireless security systems that are built using cutting-edge technology. They do not require any drilling and are backed by 24/7 monitoring. Some of the key features of Simplisafe’s security systems are they are smaller, stronger, and faster.

The added benefit of Simplisafe’s systems is that they detect and warn you against water damage, fire break-ins, etc. in addition to protecting your home from intruders. Companies offering the best wireless systems are not limited to the above listed. You can also check other home security companies like Vivint, Adobe, Ring, etc.

Final Words

Wireless home security systems are undoubtedly a great choice. However, it is wiser to consider your unique needs, budget, and other factors before purchasing one. Also, compare wireless with other types of security systems and determine which fits your needs.