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Last Updated : July 2, 2020

Liberty Bell Auto Protect

Liberty Bell Auto Protect is a national extended auto warranty seller. They offer various aftermarket car warranty plans that cover the cost of repairs and replacements of vehicle parts and systems. Liberty Bell Auto Protect services are not available in the state of California.

Liberty Bell has a range of plans at affordable prices for terms ranging from 2 to 5 years. They cover various car parts such as the engine, brake system, cooling system, electrical system, battery, fuel system etc. The coverage applies to vehicles with mileage under 140,000 miles. 

The repair mechanics are all ASE-certified. The parts and labor for replacements are both totally covered under the contract.

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Why Choose Liberty Bell Auto Protect?

A vehicle is a very expensive investment, more so if you purchase one second-hand. Car Warranty Companies like Liberty Bell help you in hedging your budget from expensive repairs. 

The extended auto warranty plans even offer complete car protection with respect to situations like roadside breakdowns. There are options to cover rental cars as well.

Liberty Bell Auto Protect has 24/7 customer support. The system for filing claims is very simple, requiring just a phone call prior to beginning repairs.

The Trip Interruption benefit pays for your accommodation and expenses if your car breaks down while you are stranded on vacation. You can have your car repaired at the closest facility. 

Why Choose Liberty Bell Auto Protect?

Liberty Bell Auto Protect Plans and Coverage

Liberty Bell Auto Protect has three vehicle extended warranty plans that car owners can decide between. All the plans include 24/7 customer support, roadside assistance, trip assistance, rental car coverage and locksmith services.


  •  Engine 
  •  Brake System 
  •  Electrical System 
  • Transmission 
  •  Battery 
  • 4 wheel drive, all wheel drives
  •  Cooling System
  • Gasoline
  •  Towing 

Platinum Plus

  •  All Platinum plan components 
  • Steering System

Platinum Prime

  •  Suspension 
  • Dealers Alliance Enhanced
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Fuel System
  • Turbo Charger 
  • GPS 
  • Seals
  • Gaskets
  •  All Platinum Prime plan components 

Disclaimer : Please note that these are the terms of a typical Auto Warranty contract and that the terms of coverage of your contract may differ from what's mentioned on this page

Final Word

Liberty Bell Auto Protect is a good option for those looking to protect their travel investments but at competitive prices. There is however the limitation that the warranties from Liberty Bell Auto Protect only cover vehicles manufactured post-2000 and those under 140,000 miles. Vehicle Service contracts from reputable extended car warranty companies like Liberty Bell can save you from expensive repairs if yours are eligible. The older your car is, the more likely it is to have problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

The claim filing process of Liberty Bell Auto Warranties is very simple. Before initiating any repair process, call the Liberty Bell Claim Department. You can do so between 9 am and 6 pm EST. Claims to be filed after these hours are entertained at the afterhours messaging service. The department will authorize the claim request upon hearing the details of the diagnosis from the repair facility. Only then can repairs be carried out that Liberty Bell would cover.

Once a mechanical breakdown has occurred you should take care to prevent any further damage. Stop immediately and park at a roadside. Call a towing company and once the vehicle has been towed, call the Liberty Bell Claims Department. The customer is obligated to preserve all the receipts such as car rental charges, meals, lodging and signed service receipts (including VIN, mileage, dates, and vehicle description). This helps in verifying that the car has been kept in good working condition.

Liberty Bell Auto Protect excludes the following from coverage under their extended car warranty programs: Glass, Lenses Head Lamp And Projection Lamp Assemblies, Light Bulbs Trim, Moldings, Chrome, Door Handles, etc. Upholstery, Carpet, Zippers Throttle Body, Shock Absorbers, Battery, Battery Cables, Dual Clutch, and Manual Transmissions.

All Fluids, Lubricants and Reservoirs, Valve Stem Seals Clutch Friction, Pilot Bearing, Clutch Disc, and Pressure Plate, Throw Out Bearing Radio, Television / VCR Head Unit, Telephones, any electronic or satellite transmitting devices Amps & Speakers. The full list will be specified in your vehicle service contract which you should read very carefully.

Liberty Bell Auto Protect allows cancellation of policies within 30 days of purchase with a full refund of the paid-up amount. However, if you have claimed repairs under the warranty within this time, the refund amount will be deducted by the time prorated amount since the plan was purchased. After 30 days the program can be cancelled but a processing fee of $75 will be levied in addition to deduction of time prorated amount and any claims made.

Unfortunately, Liberty Bell Auto Protect does not offer services in the state of California. The company states that it may periodically choose not to offer services in the states of, Iowa, Missouri, Nevada, Washington DC, New Jersey, and Alaska.

Liberty Bell’s vehicle service contract policies can be transferred to a new vehicle or to the new owner if the vehicle is sold. The company must, however, be contacted and kept informed about the same. The policy is liable to be canceled upon failure to do so.

Liberty Bell plans have no deductible, not even on roadside assistance and rental car coverage. They provide reimbursement for towing to the nearest repair facility. Their plans are thus amongst the most competitively priced in the auto warranty segment. There are plans which can protect your luxury and high-tech electronics.


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