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Established in 2010, Autopom has been striving to become among the country’s best car protection providers. They stand for Automotive Peace of Mind-the aim is to offer customers an enhanced version of the typical aftermarket car warranty. Autopom’s plans provide hassle-free coverage of vehicle repairs and parts’ replacements.

Just as vehicles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, Autopom’s warranty plans can be chosen to suit customer needs. Autopom offers Exclusionary plans, High-level plans, Mid-level plans, and Powertrain Plus plans, in decreasing order of the number of items covered. 

While most auto warranty companies have a cap on the mileage of eligible vehicles, Autopom has no maximum mileage limit. However, the company does not cover cars older than 14 years.

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Why Choose Autopom?

Customers of Autopom can choose their own repair facility and are not constrained to go with a company requirement. The breakdown coverage extends to the entire nation and thus customers can choose a licensed repair facility located anywhere.

Autopom has a large variety of plans to suit various coverage and budgetary requirements. The programs are competitively priced and have flexible payment schedules.

With 30-day money-back guarantee and roadside as well as rental car assistance, Autopom is one of the leading car warranty companies.

Why Choose Autopom?

Autopom Plans and Coverage

They offer a wide range of comprehensive plans that cover most of the electrical and mechanical vehicle components.

Exclusionary Plans

  •  EFG Ultimate
  •  Mercury Ultimate
  •  Integrity Ultimate
  •  Royal Ultimate
  •  Mercury Platinum MBI
  •  Royal Elite Plus MBI

High-Level Plans

  •  Mercury Deluxe
  •  EFG Deluxe
  •  Royal Premium
  •  Mercury Gold MBI
  •  Royal Premium MBI

Mid-Level Plans

  •  Royal Preferred
  •  Royal Standard MBI
  •  Mercury Silver MBI

Powertrain Plus Plans

  •  Royal Centennial
  •  Mercury Select
  •  EFG Powertrain Choice
  •  Integrity Gold
  •  Mercury Copper MBI

Disclaimer : Please note that these are the terms of a typical Auto Warranty contract and that the terms of coverage of your contract may differ from what's mentioned on this page

Final Word

Autopom’s wide plan variety for customers makes them a popular auto warranty company. Consumers can opt for various sub-levels of coverage within the level that they want. Autopom also has mechanical breakdown insurance for California residents. MBI is a policy covering major component failures in a car excluded by regular insurance, but not due to wear and tear.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Autopom was established in 2010 by Mike Jones. The company has 20 years of experience serving the extended warranty i.e. vehicle service contracts segment. is your one-stop destination for all sorts of home necessities reviews and quotes from the top companies that serve them. Fill out our form and you will get a free quote from a company of your choice, Autopom in this case. It’s super convenient- you do all your research right here.

A vehicle’s powertrain refers to the components that translate the vehicle’s power into its drive or movement. It consists of the engine, transmission, front and rear wheel drive systems, seals, gaskets, etc. The most basic auto warranty plans cover the powertrain equipment.

If your vehicle is still within the eligible mileage and make limit, you can renew your vehicle service contract. You can get free quotes from to compare your options. To qualify for a vehicle service contract you should preserve all the receipts and work orders mentioning the date, mileage and service performed. You will have to maintain your car and get it serviced at an authorized center as required by the manufacturers.

The following list of vehicles are ineligible for an extended auto warranty: High-performance luxury vehicles from brands like Bentley, Lamborghini, etc. Customized or modified vehicles Grey Market Vehicles Vehicles without an identifiable VIN Vehicles with tampered odometers Vehicles with known pre-existing conditions or failures Limited production vehicles.

You should remember that there is a 1 month and 1000-mile waiting period after the purchase of an extended auto warranty. This ensures that there are no pre-existing conditions to preclude your vehicle from coverage. You must also get all the recommended maintenance work performed as well as maintain receipts. Ensure that the odometer reading and the date and performed services are clearly mentioned. Change the oil and the filters regularly.


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