How Do Door Alarms Systems Enhance Your Home Security?

Door Alarm Systems are among the most comprehensive home security products in the market. They can alert you if an unexpected guest or a stranger opens or tries to open the doors of your house. Contrary to popular belief, the most common entry point of a burglar is the home’s main door. Installing a door security alarm system is a vital component of an effective home security system.

Door Alarms System

Door Alarms Systems: What Do They Offer?

An average wireless door alarm system consists of a small, wireless box that you can attach to all the doors in your home using magnetic strips. The door alarm systems have built-in motion sensors that trigger security alarms to alert the owner of a possible intrusion. Smart door alarms are also exceptionally sensitive, picking up even the slightest vibrations.

These alarms are usually positioned close to the main entrance of the house. You could also choose to attach the alarms to all the doors in your house (safe doors, garage doors, glass garden doors, cellar doors, etc.). If anyone tries to enter your house using any alarmed doors or without proper authentication, the alarms will activate a security alert. A similar system is available for windows as well. Attaching alarms to the windows on your home’s ground floor is recommended as they are more accessible for break-ins.

If you opt for a smart, wireless door alarm system, you’ll have the option to connect it to the WiFi in your home. This system can alert you to any suspicious activity in your surrounding areas as well.

You can download the app on your smart devices to remotely access and control the home security system anywhere and anytime to monitor any activity or even check if the doors and windows are fastened. The app notifies you when the door alarms are triggered. You can also turn the alarm system off when you don’t see the need.

It is essential for all the people living in your home to know how these systems work and how to turn them off. The unnecessary ringing of the alarm system can turn into a nuisance to the neighbors otherwise. Make a note to fix the alarm system door sensor’s detection levels correctly if you consider installing the alarm system. Technical details like making the alarm system beep when door opens or how to turn off the door chime on the alarm system can be found in instructional manuals or online.

Different Types Of Door Alarm Systems

Door alarm systems can be classified into two distinct categories based on the technology or event that triggers the alarm.

Door-Forced-Open Alarm

This system gets activated when an alarmed door is forced open. An example of forced entry is attempting to get inside the home without an authorized access card and trying to use physical force to open the door instead, thus activating the switch contact.

Door-Open Alarms

This alarm system activates when a door is opened by a trespasser and held open for a set time. The time can be customized in the settings. You can also monitor if an authorized person opens the door. The system’s alarm alerts the intrusion by raising a loud siren or chime and a flashing light.

This system also goes by the names of door-held-open or door-left-open alarms. They are made of two primary components; a magnetic strip attached to the door and an input sensor attached to the door frame. A contact interruption between the sensor and the magnet causes the door alarm to generate the alert signal.

Wireless Door Security Alarm Systems

Wireless security systems can be easily integrated with smart homes or devices. All kinds of door alarms can be used in combination, for a comprehensive door security system that monitors the various access points in your home. Powered by battery supplies, these systems also integrate well with other alarm systems like voice activation and motion detectors. Wireless door alarms can be used with an independent 4G sim card or the WiFi network.

Why Should You Invest In A Door Alarm Security System?

  • They create a sense of security by alerting you to any possible intrusion. The system activates a siren, flashlight, phone call, or any of these combinations in case of an intrusion. You can choose the alert phone call to connect with a private security agency, law enforcement, or yourself
  • A door alarm system with a pleasant chime can hint at a visitor’s arrival. This feature can be useful in an office or home setting where the sound can alert you to prepare accordingly
  • Door alarms can also be used for protecting children from potential danger. You can install these on toddlers’ detachable bed frames, dangerous home appliances, or risky rooms and cabinets that you don’t want a child to access

Features Of A Standard Door Security System

An average door security system in the market usually has the following characteristics –

  • Set of Sensors connected to a central control center
  • Smart WiFi alarm siren
  • Access Control Center
  • Vibration sensors
  • Sim Slot
  • Remote auditor monitoring
  • 150ft to 900ft operation range
  • Magnetic Sensors
  • Manual or remote setup
  • 9V batteries

Most of the latest door alarm systems in the market use wireless technology and are very convenient to install and use. They can easily combine with motion sensors and fire alarms. As they are both sensitive and smaller in size than conventional alarm systems, wireless door alarms offer reliable and undetectable protection to your home. Additionally, they also come equipped with a backup power supply in case of power failure.

Which Company Offers The Best Door Alarm Systems?

Now that it is established that door alarm security systems can enhance your overall home security, you may be wondering which company’s security system would be the best choice.

According to general consensus, Nest, Ring, and ADT’s alarm system’s door sensors lead the market due to their superior performance and quality. These brands offer all the advanced features in their security products. They can also be seamlessly integrated into existing security systems.

Nest’s Detect system is easy to fix on doors to know when they are open. The alarm has a motion sensor that can detect movement within 16 feet of any room. This system’s sensor always rings when someone opens the door or window.

The Ring’s door alarm sensor attaches to both window frames and doors. You can connect this sensor to your mobile device to receive alerts when the doors or windows are open, even while you are away.

The ADT door and window sensors have various installation options. This sensor can easily connect to other home automation systems and home security monitoring tools. You also receive mobile notifications by the system if there is any suspicious activity around the house.

Final Thoughts

It is wise to research the features and benefits of having a door alarm system before investing in it. Consumera is an online platform where you can look up more information on how home security systems work. You can read reviews and comparisons of different products and companies.